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  1. 10 minutes ago, Mack Technician said:

    Just judgment enough to discern.

    Last year we had a local fellow come to church, at late evening off hours, with a handgun to kill himself, possibly others too. Pastor saw him get out of car and tuck the gun so he locked the front door till guy agreed to put his gun back in the car. Let him in, talked him down and had the health care people come and get him, but didn't tell white coats about the gun.

    Got the guys parents to confiscate the gun. He went and visited him regularly. See him around now, he is doing OK. We have our eye raisers too.    

    Some folks need saving..life can be tough for sure!  

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  2. 13 hours ago, VALS327 said:

    Congratulations on accomplishing your goal and ahead of schedule. It has been enjoyable to watch from beginning to end.


    Thank you Don...my grandma stated "I'm so happy old Gus is safe"   she told someone else that she honestly thought we scrapped the old truck.   It was worth all of the hard work, just to see her react this way.


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  3. On 6/7/2017 at 9:12 AM, Okiki Olufokunbi said:

    Hello folks,

    I do need some assistance and help in trying to understand why an E7 PLN engine failed hours after the rebuild. The truck operates out of Africa.  I have attached some pics  and will attach more as I get them.

    The engine had to be rebuilt after it threw a rod, poked a hole in the sleeve and  broke the cylinder block. This happened because the connecting rod  bolt came loose and the rod came off the crankshaft journal. So the rebuilt involved a new block, and a new crankshaft amongst other things. The truck had an inframe sleeve replacement a year prior, and the pistonless PAI kit was used during the replacement. The PAI Main and rod bearings that came with that sleeve replacement job were not used back then, but was used with this rebuilt. Apparently these PAI rod bearing were coated bearings

    After this  rebuild, with the installed PAI main and rob bearings, the engine was started up and then left running at idea about 3 hrs. It was then shutdown for about 8 hrs, and restarted again. 2 hours into the second run (at idle), the engine shut itself down and would not restart. After letting the engine cool down, the engine was started up again, but it began to give a knocking sound. It was quickly shutdown, and the oil was drained and the oil pan drop.

    The aftermath was ugly my friends. The number 2 cylinder rod bearing had overheated, spun around and extruded. The rod bearing oil hole was virtually plugged off with metal shavings and coating material. The other 5 rod bearing were all scarred up, and already have shavings. Their oil holes were still open, but had already started being plugged with shaving materials.  But they did not look like they had spun. The new crankshaft was again shot.  It was quite obvious that to me and all so far that the journals seemed to have lost lubrication, but  number 2 likely went all the way dry and stopped receiving oil completely. I am trying to understand why, so as to really get to the root cause of the failure.


    How does oil get to the individual rod bearings? Unfortunately I don't have my E7 manual with me, but I was under the impression that each of the main bearing got supplied oil from dedicated Engine block oil gallery , and then the main bearing would supply the rod bearings through the oil paths in the crankshaft. Is this incorrect? One of the Tech was contending that the oil flowed down from one journal end of the crankshaft to the other  but is he correct?

    This was the first time the Techs  have ever used coated bearings in any of their rebuilds, to their argument is that the coated PAI connecting  rod bearings  were not good, and definitely wrong for the application. The Tech are of course skeptical, and contend that the rod bearing started shaving off  as soon as the engine was started, and finally the number two shaved off to the point of plugging off the oil hole, stopping oil flow, then overheated. Has anyone here experienced a failure as a result of using coated rob bearings or PAI rod bearings in particular?

    Please let me know if you have any more questions or need more information to diagnose. I have my opinions at to what happened, but wanted to get your inputs first. Thank you for you time











    Oil pump failure? Take the oil pump apart and check the relief and regulator valves... Oil gets in through the crank shaft through the main bearings...hmm...clean cure failure.. assembly debris lodged into the bearing... machining material from new block...? 

    Ms Tracy D 

  4. 18 minutes ago, 41chevy said:

    Myself and quite a few others wish we could be there in person to see grandma's face!  Closest we've ever gotten to N Dak was Sturges many, many years ago before the posers took over. Looking forward to the video.

    Look in my gallery here and see if you'd tackle my AC Crane carriers. :)  Took me a year to weld up all the cracks on one chassis. Want to do it, Ill bring cookies and milk..:lol:

    Ha!  Bring Jack Daniels and Coke...drink of choice it is!   I will check out your AC Crane carrier!     


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  5. You are funny 😂 Mike...As a matter of fact I need to drop a few pounds to fit comfortably in that tiny little cab with a passenger... how on earth did two crewmen ride in those things all day long?  It rides like an old log wagon!   I was going to be ambitious and drive her out to Mn but I think the trailer and an old diesel truck is calling her name!  Keep the good humor Mike :) 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Mike said:

    Thanks, your mighty kind for the help, but ole Mack needs parts painted and some powder coating and the list goes on.

    Ya, they tend to have long lists!  I went to paint and body school so over the years I've painted for Toyota and a few body shops.. my specialty is welding and painting.  I'm getting back into the business and putting in a paint booth because there is a ton of work flowing in... and I'm a woman ha!  My goal is to make the painting cheaper for people on a restoration budget and still give them a high quality paint job.. I have a case tractor to do next, a 46 Chevy dump truck, a 49 Chevy 1/2 ton and a 53 Chevy truck in line already.. my poor old Twin City tractor has to take a back seat for a while! 

    I love this business because the final outcome is worth every penny!  

    Let me know if I can help in any way! 


  7. 2 hours ago, Mike said:

    I'm out of LIKE'S for today, but it sure do look good. I do have a question tho.....Is the bumper chrome or black? Also if you can find me a women with some Mack skills, would you be kind enough to send her my way? My B Model needs finishing. I'd be nice enough to send her back if need be. OH! and Gus looks mighty proud and I know your Grandfather is.




    Ha!  Mike!  Thanks..we are pretty proud of it!  What type of finishing does your old Mack need?  

    Maybe I could help! :) Oh we are finishing the bumper and it was originally green... I think it will stay  green.  


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