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  1. Thanks for the info.....I'm trying to get my mind around all this.....
  2. Do you know what's the largest HP engine that I can get that'll work with a 2070 trans......like I said earlier I don't like all those gears
  3. TimmyB an Econodyne Mack engine is a lower RPM engine than a Maxidyne engine. And I thought E6 meant econodyne? Guys I'm not trying to argue but trying to learn???? Is this not correct?
  4. Thanks Teamstergrrrl for your reply. Today I pulled the trigger and bought a1990 E7 400 HP manual engine for $6500. not really that familiar with the torque rise you mentioned......I do know the the newer higher HP Mack engines don't have the low end torque like I'm used to and you gotta shif before the RPM's get to low...... Let me tell ya what I thought and please correct me if I'm wrong; I thought an E-6 & E-7 was an "econodyne" engine which pulled down to a lower RPM (1020 best I can remember) E6 being the older and the E7 being the later version. And I thought an EM6 &
  5. I have a 1989 Mack with an EM-6 300 that spun a bearing and the piston hit the head. It looks as if the heads are ok but crank is to bad to be turned. From talking to my mechanic it looks like best case scanero 6-8k on rebuild. Ive had several local "Mack Guys" tell me I should not put that much money in an E6 engine and I should upgrade to the E-7. Also the E-7 comes in a 400 HP which I think if I upgraded that's what I go to. I realize the E7 300 & 350 both can be turned up to more horse power.....my question is this.....what exactly is the difference between an E7 300, 350 and 400
  6. I know this is Ann old post....any chance this seat on s still available?
  7. Is this bumper still for sale? Also do you think it's possible to remove the paint and polish it?
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