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  1. Rochester diesel. Has some nice set ups
  2. Guess the air compressor is my next step! Checked for exhaust gases in coolant several times, nothing shows up!
  3. Knelsonrepair, did you ever get the problem figured out? My 98 is doing the same thing,run it about 60 miles & pushing coolant out!
  4. Haven't replaced the cap,but plugged vent will cause same symptoms, right? Trying to get back on the road for now, going to update the tank setup asap!
  5. Chasing a coolant overflow problem! Found that the vent hose from the upper radiator hose to the surge tank was plugged! Will that cause my overflow problem? 98 ch613 355/380 E7 etec Thanks
  6. Found out that the vent hose was plugged,runs from the top radiator hose to the surge tank! If that's plugged will it cause my problem, I'm not sure, would like to think so! If it can't vent, will it overflow out catch can?
  7. Never heard of a block ck tester! Can't block compressor lines! I do have pressure tester, but that won't tell you if it the compressor or head gasket! Motor only has 200 thousand on a Mack inframe! Just not sure how come it ran for 100 miles perfectly after new pump and thermostat,then instantly acted up!
  8. 98 613,E7 etec,355/380, ran fine yesterday, first couple hrs this morning, excessive coolant being returned to surge tank, heater hoses go cold instancely, changed water pump and thermostat, work perfectly for 100 or so miles, right back to doing it again! Compressor maybe? Any ideas? Thanks
  9. What should signal voltage be? Pretty sure it's not hitting sides of the tank! I'll run a ground, directly to the battery,& see what that does Thanks
  10. 98 ch 613 Changed fuel tank sending unit, still don't read right! Never reads above 5/8 of a tank, sometime between 0 & 5/8 just randomly moves between empty & 5/8, no set pattern. Could it be the gauge itself, maybe? Or what? Thanks HP
  11. Trenchking

    Dash bulb

    98 ch 600 Anyone know of the top of your head bulb number for dash lights, really don't want to tear dash open, just to get number! Thanks
  12. That's what I thought, going to try different dealer tomorrow,or at least different parts guy! Thanks
  13. 98 CH 355/380 There is a little return fuel line from back of head to a fitting down by EUP's Looks like 1/8" or so & braided I think, anyone know what Mack calls it? Dealer I tried yesterday, couldn't find it/ wasn't sure what I was talking about, going to try different dealer tomorrow
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