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  1. Yeah this company is Donegal Exacavating and they are from Downers Grove, they have a total of 8 Scanias and if im not wrong they have a concrete company called Crana Concrete.
  2. Abreu Truck Service in Newark NJ is a Scania parts supplier, themselves have an Scania R620 Topline......
  3. And there we have the complete Scania design, leaked by a scale model. This photo was sent in last night by several Iepieleaks fans and it is already on the net. The scale model has the same lines in the grille as the truck we showed yesterday and therefor this must me the real thing. The launch is in about two weeks time and this is news is going to make some people at Scania very sad. Exactly the same thing happend with the Volvo design, three years ago. The production of scale models is more and more a risk for the automotive industrie. Not only in the truck business but also in the passenger car world designs sometimes leak through scale model production. About the truck, this looks like the biggest cab with a flat floor. One interesting thing is that the roof lights look like the DAF Sky-lights. http://iepieleaks.nl/scania-design-leaked-by-scale-model/
  4. Recently i have posted some photos of Scanias in Chicago area, well there is at least 8 Scanias in Chicago area and 7 of this belongs to same owner from Donegal Excavating, and now he is importing a R500 Highline into US, here we have some photos of this truck still in UK before being sended to the ship.....
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