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  1. hey there thx for your reply. fuel lines were removed with the pump. so they couldn't have been mixed up. crank and cam sensors are good. but we were thinking about the engine brake just like you said, because if the exhaust valves are forced open we would have no compression. and probably no start. so looks like I am pulling a valve cover off in the next few mins. oh and also snce I posted this. I removed the intake to check for a rag or anything like that. also checked to make sure the turbo wasn't blocked either, ill update on what I find after I pull the cover.
  2. new engine in truck. runs for about 3 secs then shuts down with no warning lights or anything. have fuel pressure, nothing blocking air pipes or anything like that. when it shuts down its as if it loses fuel and or combustion, after the shut down I can crank it but it wont fire. if I let it sit for 30 mins then try again it fires up then dies within a few secs. im at a loss of what to do now.
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