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  1. Talking to Mack (parts dealer and service shop) he said to keep my 95' even though it's at the point of needing major service. He said the emission engines suck, the main thing they work on is emission related, my concern is the underside of my truck is rotting away, cab support beams, he looked them up and they're $2750 a piece, (2 of them) I almost fell over, probably needs another 7 to 8 grand on top of that, but he said I'm money ahead, I just know these old trucks can really start nickel and dime, blew a manifold gasket today,anyone have some opinions???
  2. My old 95 has been doing pretty good, but the floorboards are rotting out, the frame under the sleeper that airbags go against are rusting away too, maybe can get a few more years out of it, have heard the newer MP engines are pretty good??
  3. I cut mine open and it was full of black tar like stuff, kinda smelled like burnt oil, this was my dads old truck , its sit for 6 years since its been in service, and he wasn't great on oil changes. I sold my KW and have got about 4k in parts on this truck so far , almost ready to go, I think...
  4. Ok, its electronic, I'll look into that circuit board deal.
  5. The speedo in my truck is going whacky starts out fine then after a while the needle will fall down and read about 40 mph slower than I'm going? I replaced the tailshaft sensor, and does the same thing, could it be the speedo itself? Yoke seems tight on tranny, truck doesn't throw any codes, thanks.
  6. Just wondering about the centrimax filter on my Mack, how exactly does it work? Are they a good setup? Haven't seen them on other engines, was told they're supposed to remove soot, I also heard gulf coast filters got their idea from Mack filters?
  7. I hope your right, I think I'm gonna give her a try!
  8. Ok, sounds like its got a chance, you would think it would have to be better than C 15 acert on fuel, thanks.
  9. My main concern is fuel economy, I've heard sometimes turning one up a little and then drive like there's an egg between your foot they'll get better economy,but how does this engine compare to say s 12.7 Detroit or a M 11 Cummins for fuel?? Is this an economical engine or a fuel hog?
  10. It seems nobody knows much about how to tune a Mack to make it run good, I've been considering a 95 CH 613 with E7 350 v Mac. Everyone seems clueless about these engines, I called Pittsburgh power, and they won't even work on a mack, they said they nothing about them. I talked to a Mack and Cat dealer, they couldn't tell me much about mack, just (they're ok) . It seems this truck would make a good local truck pulling a flat, Its a lightweight truck with a pre emmision 728 cu in engine, seems it should compete with any truck of its day as far as fuel economy, if tuned good and running properly, but everyone seems to laugh when I say mack!
  11. The truck is my dads truck, been sitting for a couple years, 850k miles, he'd sell it to me for 4k, if I could get over 7mpg I'd probably sell the T600, and run the mack, hate to in a way, but could sell T 6 and get out of debt, divorce has kinda squeezed me (she got the bigger half).
  12. Was looking at a 95' 613 with an E7 350 in it. Truck has 22.5s 9 SPD tranny mack 4.17 rears, will be pulling flats are these trucks capable of 7 to 7.5 mpg? Will be second truck, have a t600 with C 15 accert , gets mid to upper 6s. I had a mack just like it some years back , think I was getting mid 6s?, it was kinda weak though.tired of emmision engines, like how simple old mack is , run pretty local anyways.
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