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  1. Selenoids are working with 12v applied. Didn't take off valve covers but could see through crankcase vent holes
  2. Yes. I am getting the propper 12v to the valve covers
  3. Okay so now say it does have a dynatard cam. And I have power to the valve covers. What would my next step be. Replacing the selenoids and seals under the valve cover?
  4. So I did some investigating. From what I gathered most motors equipped with a factory installed dynatard had a b in the engine model. And it takes a special cam to work the dynatard. So if my engine is stamped etz675 does that mean it doesn't have that cam and the dynatard was added later in the motors life?
  5. Does anybody know the best way to get a rebuild kit for the dynatard or would I be best off switching it to a Jake style?
  6. I'd second that. The cord is much easier to change than the element. Believe me I just ordered an element and it ended up being the cord.
  7. So my next question would be what is the best way to tell the difference. It has some setup that doesn't work. Has the 12v running to the valve covers and has the electric selenoids under which I would assume runs off oil pressure?
  8. I have a 1990 rb with a '79 235 motor. The tag says its an etz 675. It's not stock. Has an air to air, bosch injection pump and mated up to a 13spd. Just kind of wondering what these had for Jake's and whether it would be a dynatard or Jake Brake. Also how to tell if it's a 2v head. I just can't find much about it on the internet. Thanks
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