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  1. The cyl. is 25 inches center line to center line (retracted) at the tie rod ends. The threaded tie rod ends at 7/8 inch thick. The cyl is 2.75 inched thick.
  2. Not sure. It is NOS out of Mack. We had LJ, R and RD trucks. I can get you some dimensions if you are interested.
  3. I would. I sold a lot of the parts yesterday. Did you want them all, one of each, etc? You can call me at 717 215 2514. Thanks Les
  4. The Mack part number is 631GC4101P7X, E-6, not sure of the horsepower range. We got it in the mid-1980's. Les
  5. Mack quadruplex, 20/18 speed, transmission, NOS, stampedTRQ7220, 1P1173, 11KBA5648, AP61 (Left side), BAKB 8122A, casting date: 7/1/66, Right Side. My father was a Mack engineer and got this transmission directly out of Mack's Hagerstown plant for a Mack he owned. It has been garage kept. He got this in the early 1980's. This is a New Old Stock transmission. It is located in Charlotte, ME 04666 Customer pick up only. We have a loader to assist with loading. $750 If you have any questions, call my cell at 717-215-2814. Thanks, Les
  6. Hi, My father was a Mack engineer that owned a number of Mack trucks. Most of these parts are from the 1960's to the 1980's. The bulk of them are New Old Stock, that have been stored in a garage. Price are marked, you can make an offer on the total lot. Shipping worked case by case We are located in Newville, PA 17241. More pictures are available upon request. Most of the parts are listed below. If you have any questions, you can call my cell at 717-215-2814. Thanks, Les Mack Truck Parts: Description Model/Part Condition 2 MACK Robert Bosch Injection Pump, RQV300/600-105DPA,
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