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  1. I know ther is ski resorts in South east corner but I dont know how big the area is. Is it common with snow in low terrain in Winter time or is it just on the hills? I also thought ther was a lot of dirt roads in the area of mining and farming. Is that incorrect? I have also been told that the roads North from Brisbane is very rough, I know Volvo make some transmission test ther of that reason. I found Jake Brake parts to one of my Volvos in Brisbane of that reason. Stina.
  2. My Picture of Australia is a lot of dirt roads wich Went very bad and slippry when it´s raining, that must be the perfect conditions for tandem. Stina.
  3. I also have a 141 wich is in the workshop wher i work on the restauration. The big thing is the inner liner (frame) wich is damaged by rust and must changed. I own and used this truck from 1982-87 in my Company, at that time ther was just one truck so I has driven a lot in it. Before the 141 I have to 110, one LS witn nose and one LBS wich is tilt cab. I have been in US a few times on different places and also one time in Canada but just around Lake Ontario. In Ontario and Michigan I saw big trucks with 11 axles, what´s the max weight for them? I have also seen "Turnpike trains", what´s the di
  4. If You work on soft dirt roads or building places I Think the tandem traction is a good choise. The only kind of trucks wher it´s common with tandem in Sweden is logging trucks, but even ther is used different system to unload the rear axle to get a better turning area. Wheelbase on our trucks is between 4,2-4,8 meter for a 6X2, we measure the wheelbas from front to traction axle. I Think we need some less space for to handle the vehicle. Stina.
  5. We use the space for Cargo! We have "snout" on some special trucks, but mostly on toys! Stina.
  6. Ok! We have I-shift on Volvo and AS-Tronic in DAF wich use ZF gearboxes. I am sure that the 6X2 solution is best in most situations, if the truck is very Heavy loaded I don´t Think the different is very big but when it´s empty or light loaded the different is dramatic. I also Think we use Moore aggresive pattern on the tires, in combination with the high axle pressure with lifted boggie it´s possible to climb steep icy uphills mostly without any problem. That´s also why the Classic 6X2 is better than a 6X2 pusher. When You lift the third axle the weight moves from ther to the traction axle, al
  7. Of course ther must be a stronger frame for to handle a boggie lift. The ABS/EBS system handle the lift without any problem also the suspension and banjo, we have the same banjo and air spring either it´s 4X2 or 6X2. I read about it some time ago and I understand some brand in US sell trucks with "my koncept" today, if I understand it right the solution was to connect the third axles air spring to the EBS system. When the traction Wheel slips the system dump air from the third axle suspension, but dont lift the axle. This solution will never be succesful! If You wait until You loose the tracti
  8. Hej! I have a refection, if this is the wrong Place, let me know and I will be silent. Almost every truck at Your side of the water has tandem traction, often without diff lock. Almost every truck in Sweden and North Europé wher it´s Winter condition has singel axle traction and a good boggie lift and diff lock. I Think if I am behind one of Yours going uphill and You have to stop for put on chains, If I have the tires we use in Winter time I am sure it´s possible to stop and start in the same hill with the boggie lifted and diffs locked. It´s even harder to understand for the trucks wich is u
  9. Yes 140 was the first with V8, it come -69-70. First one or two figures in the model number is the size of the engine. Before the biggest truck was 110 wich has 11 litre in line six Engine and 260 HP. Today the system is different. The 4-axle Volvo is from -92, with a nomal sized 13,6 m trailer the max legal weight was 56.000 kg. Max load was 38.500 kg wher 12.500 was in the 3,7 meter long box at the truck. Full loaded ther was no problem with snow and ice! Doubble steering axle! Engine in the Volvo was TD 123 ES wich also was sold by Volvo in the US. Power was 405 HP. Today the max weight is
  10. I have one of those to, but I wasn´t lucky with it. Everything broke, except for the Engine. I sold it just Before one miljon, at that time we was much Moore satisfied with the Volvos. The Volvo on the Picture we use for 1.700.000 km, I have Another one restored wich we used for 2.300.000 km with minor replacements. Today we don´t use Volvo anymoore. Stina.
  11. Thanks! Most mechanical parts is avaylable either from Scania or other suppliers, even some used parts is on the market. Some special parts come from Brazil wher they still use this old trucks. For the cabin or interior You find, nothing. Fex cylinders to the door lock You have to find old ones, restore and make useable key. I change the Engine when I restore the truck, unfortunately ther was a water leak from a cylinder lining gasket last Winter so I have to rebild the Engine. I send some Moore Pictures, from just Before sand blastering, the open Engine and one Picture from when I and my wife
  12. Hello! I am living in Helsinborg, Sweden wher I own a small truck Company. I also have an interest in old trucks and cars. I enter this site because I want read about the Mack-Scania cooperation about the Engines. Maybee someone enyoy a Picture of one of my old trucks? It´s a SCANIA L140 from 1973. It´s a wrecker and I bought it as scrap and rebilt it from scratch. Carl-Erik "Stina" Johnsson.
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