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  1. It was a a b61 in mack green looked like a 1961 or similar model.
  2. Does anyone know the difference between Mack TC15 and TC25 transfer cases. They both are divorced type so whats the difference ??? Cant find answer anywhere......
  3. Trying to find out the difference between the TC 15 and TC 25 transfer cases and there differing applications ???
  4. My grandfather was a devoted mack owner , he gave me a toy mack when I was a kid around 1965 it was all alum truck and trailer with real rubber tires. It came from mack a dealership sadly it is long gone but would love to find a replacement. Any sources ???
  5. I have a BRAND NEW mack tc25 transfer case for sale . Still on factory pallet I'm asking 3800 or best offer. The fleet price on this unit is apprx $27,000 .
  6. I have a new not rebuilt t25 transfer case I was going to use for a project but now have changed course. This is still on factory pallet I would make a really good deal to someone who had a use for it or know of a source to sell it thru. I'm new to this forum I assume its ok to post such an ad. I'm in south alabama. What is the difference between a t15 and a t25 ??
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