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  1. fxfymn, It has a Cummins NHBT, a 5x2 main box and a 3 speed aux box, I believe all Mack. The rears are mack rears, unsure of the ratio at this point. I have two different tags on the rears and both appear to have been rebuilt at some point. I'm still looking for information on the engine specs.
  2. Thanks for the replies all! I contacted the Museum today and they are starting their search for information. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they have something on file. I added additional photos to the garage of the truck to help give a better all-around view.
  3. Hello all! I've just started on the restoration path for a 1952 LJ and signed up for the forum to get all the information I can. Its already provided a wealth of information! I purchased the truck a few weeks ago from a guy who fortunately saved the truck from going to the scrapyard. I'm told that the truck was originally purchased by SeaTac as a dump truck with a 10 ft. wide box (hence the extended mirror brackets on the truck). The truck then went to a quarry operation in WA for a while where it was only used infrequently. The quary removed the dump box from the truck and that's when the previous owner bought it. It sat as a cab and chassis until I purchased it. I'm looking forward to the process of getting it roadworthy and looking good!
  4. Name: Mack LJ (1952) Date Added: 03 April 2015 - 10:04 AM Owner: firetech7459 Short Description: Cab and Chassis, former dump truck - restoration being started View Vehicle
  5. Name: 1952 LJ Date Added: Owner: firetech7459 firetech7459
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