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  1. Any advice about this topic I've had this 94 DM Mack dump for years and it always used aliitle coolant, now it's getting kind of bad and a little pushing out the overflow now.. Is there any chance it could be coming from the Air compressor as it is water cooled?..is it likely or wishful thinking to only be a head gasket?.. Thanks all!
  2. Hello I have a 94 Dm 690 tri axle dump, and I've been starting to feel play in my driveline when I take off, I've checked all suspension, and u joints, I'm suspectiong my power divider in my front rear,correct me if I'm wrong but the direct connection from the drive shaft is nothing more than these peanuts between 2 cams?, don't they wear and need replacement?..if I hold the small drive shaft between the rears there is play at the front drive shaft going into front rear, when I check the magnetic fill plug over the years there is fine metal that I remove...is this going to blow soon?..
  3. Wanted for restoration/custom build....any year, hopefully it has a decent steel box, and a nice correct wheel base...
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