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    1986 Mack Superliner - VIN 2M2AY40C0GC001629 Expo '86 show truck

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  1. Thank you. I appreciate the response... BTW - How is your Time Machine (MH 613) these days? I was dealing with Carl on that truck back in December 2015, but didn't see the way to transport that truck and spare parts home at the time... Apparently, Time Machine spent most of it's life on a ferry between Mainland and Vancouver Island - I recall it had very low mileage. Recently, I have been in contact with Lightnin on this beautiful looking MH613 - but they are reluctant to let the truck go. Maybe someone else on this forum will have better luck than me on this unit. I see it's still in Truck Paper...
  2. I recently purchased a spare E9 engine that I need to pick up. Does anyone know the approximate weight of the E9 engine?
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