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  1. Sounds like you need to find some partners, move them, catalog them and start a used Mack parts yard. Sounds like an excellent opportunity for a few people with the money to invest. Wish, I qualified, but I don't have the cash nor the credit to become involved. If I had had this opportunity 20 years ago I would hyave jumped on it but..."right place at the right time" prevails. Jules
  2. If it is was built in 1996 it was built by Superior Coach. If it was made in 1997, it's a T-Line...a bunch of guys who worked for DR Giant (Osterlund) who have 3 stock model T-lines and custom build T-Lines to owner specs. They also own all the old DR records and will research your truck for a fee. They also rebuild any DR made since 1950. website is:www.t-linetrucks.com PS they call 'em T-Lines because of prior lawsuits over the name Diamond T & Diamond Reo, as they have been built by 3-5 different companies since White. Jules
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