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  1. Thank you very much for that info. She is a "hardened veteran" who saw a lot of fire duty when we had her. Where were the photos you posted taken.?
  2. Picture taken in Plymouth Ma in the 60's.Notice the number 1-5 that confirms its identity as "Smokey". It was obtained via surplus from the Hingham MA Ammunition Depot. After serving as a "brushbreaker" for several years, it was purchased by a landfill operator in Halifax MA. Following service in a landfill in Bridgewater. I am not sure,but it may have ended up at Andersons Auto Salvage on Route 106 in Kingston, Ma. If anyone has any further info as to where the photos were taken or where it is today, it would be greatly appreciated by Plymouth County Firefighters. It was and still is a legend to many of us.
  3. The Mack NO pictured was Plymouth County MA Brusbreaker 1-5, nicknamed "Smokey". It was acquired by the county in the early 1960's. It was built locally. It had a 1500 gallon steel tank water tank and two Hale FZZ fire pumps mounted on the rear behind the water tank. It carried several hundred feet of fire hose and was stationed at the Kingston MA Maple Street Fire Station.It was sent to brush fires in Plymouth, Bristol and Barnstable Counties when requested by any Fire Department in those Counties. It was best to call for it early on as its top speed was 30 mph. However, once on scene, it was an invaluable workhorse. One interesting tool in the toolbox were plugs used when the brake air lines were damaged and losing air. Disconnect the line at the air block, insert plug, and keep on chugging.It left Kingston around 1970 and went to a private party in West Bridgewater MA. After that I lost track of it. I think I have a photo of it. Will look to see if I can find it. Any info or additional pics you have would be appreciated.
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