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  1. I did get my foot valve changed and that fixed that problem thanks Mackpro for all your help on that!
  2. They said Mack probably would not replace the truck because I’m still able to use the truck I said yes I can still use it but it’s not running right it’s burning excessive fuel not to mention all the downtime Friday truck got 4 mpg Saturday it got 7.9mpg it fluctuates like this every day most of the time it’s in the 3 to 5 mpg it should be in the 6 to 8 mpg range, I just wonder how long it would take them to change out the engine.
  3. Well got the EGR differential pressure sensor and EGR valve changed and it didn’t change anything, so talked to the dsm and engineer and they said they want to change a couple more sensors and see if that does anything and if that don’t fix it they are going to replace the engine, so I will update when I have more info.
  4. I agree 1965 I talked to him about that and he said Mack would do something and he would check on that for me, he said he wasn’t aware how long this had been going on said this should have been taken care of long ago, the service manager I have been dealing with at the dealership took another job so now I don’t have his knowledge so I’m at the mercy of the dsm and Mack engineer’s
  5. Update, I finally got in touch with someone at Mack and got the ball rolling they sent a engineer down to the dealership and I spent most of the day with him he checked my truck out real good he did about a hour of testing with his computer hooked up and as with all the other testing nothing noticeable showed up. I took him for a ride and showed him what it is doing and after that he thinks it’s EGR related he told the service manager to order a EGR pressure sensor and EGR valve, he said he is going to analyze all the data he recorded to make sure he didn’t miss anything.this guy was very knowledgeable everything he said made sense so we will see the sensor came in but still waiting on the valve soon as they get everything installed I will give you guys a update.
  6. mackcat12


    I was told 9 months and after that the price would be higher I bought the 5 year 250,000 mile warranty
  7. Thanks Mackpro is Mack going to fix this or is this a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease
  8. They just replaced mine this week had p20EE code about 7 times
  9. Mackpro what is the fix for this my 2018 granite is doing this too
  10. I have questioned them about the EGR and EGR cooler and they said the truck wouldn’t be running if it was either of them and it would throw codes, it has throwed the EGR code once and they couldn’t find anything wrong I have complained about the turbo not working right since all this started they did change it because the original one would not calibrate but it still isn’t working like it’s suppose to you can count to 10 before it gets any boost then it’s real weak you can barely hear the turbo. Mackpro they keep telling me the data logger is the answer I’ve been waiting almost 6 weeks for one to show up district manager said they were going to bring in someone to install it I’m only about a hour and a half from world headquarters in Greensboro I told him I wanted a new truck and he said Mack probably wouldn’t do that because I’m still able to use the truck. I need to find out who to talk to at Mack that might do something for me.
  11. I got my truck back and the one box change didn’t help the power issue but it did fix the nox issue code p20EE I asked them if they had checked the new turbo that they installed and they said no so I told them I wanted them to check it because it had bad turbo lag and it’s real faint they installed a manual gauge at the turbo and drove it and said there is a 15 pound difference from the manual gauge to the computer on the truck so they sent that info to Mack now we wait and see what Mack is going to do next.so tired of this shit!!!
  12. Thought I would give y’all a update still dealing with all the problems they are installing a new complete scr one box today hope to have it back tomorrow and we will see if this does anything for it, been waiting for a data recorder for over a month they say Mack only has about 5 data recorders for all of the United States and they are all tied up ain’t this just a bunch of bullshit!! Going on 7 months trying to fix this truck problems started @ 7200 miles truck has over 21,000 miles on it now. I will let you know if this latest parts change does any good.
  13. Thanks HeavyGunner I’m hoping that they are going to do the right thing and keep me as a customer.
  14. This has been the most frustrating thing ever I have never owned anything but Mack trucks for over 25 years and I absolutely love this granite but it has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth I just want it fixed, I have been very patient probably too patient with them . I talked to my dealer today and he said Mack will be in touch with me next week I’m going to tell them it’s time to replace this truck, I will keep you guys updated as soon as I find out something.
  15. I agree Lmackattack they need to give me a new truck and send this one back to the factory for exploratory surgery let them figure it out on their time and not mine!!
  16. I got my truck back they replaced the exhaust valves and rockers and that fixed the high pyrometer temperature and gave it a little more power but it still has a lugging vibration and severe turbo lag,fuel mileage for the last 2 days has been 6.9 one day and 6.4 today. the turbo is real faint takes forever to kick in something is keeping it from doing its job.dealer has contacted the dsm and e-service to see what to do next at least they made a little progress now to get the other problems figured out!
  17. Fjh they said they will have it ready Tuesday around lunchtime I went by there this afternoon and they were making good progress on it, I just hope this is going to fix it.I will keep you updated.
  18. Parts finally came in going in the shop in the morning to have rocker arms and exhaust valves replaced fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  19. You are right fjh I’m not real happy about that but something happened today that I hope is the problem I got a e-mail from the uptime center saying my truck triggered a yellow severity fault for EGR High flow issue code P0402 I hope this has been the problem all along from everything I’ve read The symptoms of EGR are what the truck is doing so I hope this is it!
  20. I agree 1965 if this doesn’t fix it I’m going to talk to them about replacing the truck I don’t know what the lemon law is for big trucks but they are gonna have to do something truck has 14,300 miles on it now.
  21. The dsm called today and said engineering review all the data and they want to replace the exhaust valves they think they are sticking and that is what is causing the problem, parts are ordered. I was driving it today and the engine light came on call Mack said p20ee code for nox called my dealer he said that they will probably replace the scr box they have a truck throwing the same code as mine and Mack told them to replace the box
  22. Talked to the dsm today he said he wants to put a data recorder on my truck and have me drive it for a week and let it record everything it’s doing then may they can figure out what the hell is wrong with this thing!!!
  23. My dealer adjusted the valves installed a new gasket for the dpf filter and did all the updates, the new gasket stopped the squealing I was hearing and the valve adjustment made it quieter other than that it’s still low on power bad lugging and vibration really noticeable from 9th to 12 gear so I took it to another Mack dealer yesterday to be put on the dyno I was not impressed at all with them they maybe spent 20 min with my truck they wasn’t interested in anything I had to say,said it was getting the right power it’s a 425 hp and said they saw a high of 430 but they wouldn’t listen to me about the lugging and vibration. They were supposed to send all the info to the dsm and he said he was going to have engineering look at it and call me when they know something. I have been wondering if the Ecm got damaged from all the welding they done on the truck when the dump body and hitch was installed I’m going to talk to them about that and see if they can check that out, so the saga continues!
  24. Ain’t that the truth!!! They suppose to start on it tomorrow I was driving it today and the power was so low it wouldn’t hardly get out of its own way and the new turbo is making a squealing sound now. Yesterday my fuel mileage was right at 8 miles per gallon I ran the same route today and it was 5.8 mpg and still no codes🤔
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