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  1. Okay thanks guys I had to make a round with another truck and haven't got back to my problem child yet.  I was thinking it has to be something with the ECM so I'll take your advice and check the fuse and module.  If that doesn't work I'll carry the ECM to the hospital to get it checked.

  2. I have a 1998 CH w/350 in it that spins over good but won't start.  Has plenty of supply fuel pressure but nothing going to injectors from pump.


    It ran fine into wash bay but after its bath it don't want to go.

    I've cleaned all wiring harness junctions and cleaned engine to rail ground strap but its a no go.  Is there a fuel shut off selonoid or relay somewhere I'm missing?  Could something have gotten wet in the electrical system?   This is the first time in 1.7 million miles she's failed to go.

  3. Thanks for the info Glenn. I hoped I wasn't having a senior's moment or dreaded CRS attack.

    When we were turning up our B models and H models to make them a little more powerfull we would mount an AC evaporator on the fender wall and plumb it into the oil filter lines to make a homemade oil cooler.

    On the 673P we would drill the piston rod tips make them into homemade piston coolers. Life was good. 711 wouldn't hang together for us. The sweetest ride I ever had bar none was a 56 B model wedge cab sleeper with a 673P and 9sp OD duplex. I never saw but a very few of the 9 speed OD and I loved it.

  4. taking it day by day,

    when she feels good im gona run till she wants me home.

    a lot of guys have offered to make runs for me, but you know how these egr motors are. they have to be driven different, especialy in the mountains.

    i can make it keep up with the 5 or 6 hundred horse trucks but the egr stuff wont hold up.

    There should be enough of us around here who know how to run EGR engine we could swap out making a round and keep the wolf out of the flour barrel.

  5. hate to hear that,

    guess im gona have to start running houston to chitown, to make the cars (pete kw) lookbad

    how long ya gona be laid up????????

    my wife and I were thinking of you and your family and I couldn't see anything posted recently from you. Are you getting to work some or did you find someone to run for you?

    The doc says I'll be up to it by weeks end. I'm okay with that. lol yeah somebody with a dog is gonna have to keep the peckerbilt boys humble.

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