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  1. Great job tracking this one down! I've also seen it in the Danville area. Great job tracking this one down. I've also seen it in the Danville area. Owner must be proud!
  2. Harley's and golf carts. I think CAT tractors would fall in the big toy category.
  3. The reason I'm asking about this is because I would like to use the truck to pull a 5th wheel toyhauler. I've done this before using a Kenworth T600 that I singled and licensed as a motorhome and insured as motohome. There is no better way to pull a 40ft toyhauler than with a "Big Truck". Got over 10 mpg. and the cool factor is off the chart!
  4. If you license as an antique you can't run at night, is that correct? Is there a benefit of classic over antique?
  5. Thanks for the replies, I don't have a truck in mind yet but I want to have all the bases covered before I pull the trigger.
  6. I'm located in PA. and I'm wondering how most of you guys license and insure your trucks in this state? Also wondering if anybody uses their trucks to pull a camper or fifth wheel? Thanks in advance, Shaun
  7. I'm located in Pennsylvania and I'm wondering how most of you guys license and insure your trucks in this state?
  8. I also saw this truck outside of Selinsgrove PA. In fact that's were these pictures were taken. If you enlarge the pics. you will see a sign on the road that says RT.522. A friend of mine bought a car from the guy who owned it at the time, I will see if he remembers where it went. I asked if the truck was for sale at that time and told it was but I can't remember the price. I do remember that it was way out of my budget. I have not see it for the last 5or 6 years. Shaun
  9. A 22 year old that loves old macks !!! Most kids don't know or care about old cars or trucks. Maybe there is hope for us yet. Congrats on your purchase. Keep the Pics. coming.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome !!! I drive for QUIKRETE CO. out of Paxinos PA. delivering bagged concrete all over north and central PA. Sadly they took away all our Macks and gave us Volvo's and Freightliners At least they are new. I'm going to enjoy the ride on here and I have my own hard hat, comes with the job !!! Shaun
  11. Hi everyone, My name is Shaun,I'm from Danville PA. Been lurking for a while and decided it was time to become a member. I'm in my early 50's and started my lifetime love of the B-61 at an early age. My dad had a 64 Brockway with a 220 cummins and his buddy had a purple B-61 mack with a matching purple dump trailer. I grew up in the seat of that Brockway. I admire all you folks that are keeping the Old Iron alive for the younger people to see. and for us "older" guys to remember the "real" trucks. I still drive truck part time but I have to say it's not the same as the old days. Anyway, thank
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