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  1. I'm not sure if I got this wrong. 

    A friend sent me this pic of a truck not to far from me ( little over an hour north of Toronto, Ontario).  I think ? it says Greenwood , Delaware on the door. 

    I thought we had members from that part of the world. I wanted to share the pic ,in case someone knows the truck and would like to know where it ever went.  It has a detroit motor and a standard transmission. I didn't think a standard would be very common . 

    I was told it hasn't moved in years and doesn't run .  A fire truck lover is going to try to resurrect it . 

    You can also correct me if I'm wrong about the make . I thought it was a Seagrave, but I could have easily got that wrong too. 


  2. 38 minutes ago, j hancock said:

    Mack Superliner II introduction letter showing new model identification system.


    Thanks for posting this Jim.

    As always , I learn something new all the time on here.

    A little off topic but…….I found the trim levels very interesting. I always thought it had to do with floor covering, and door panels and such. I had no idea it was colour. I have a trim level 3 (blue) in my RD. A trim level 2 (silver) in my R  . 

  3. I would say it is around 14 gauge .

    Everything works fine. Do you think I should leave things alone? Make sure I'm up to date on my fire insurance. lol 

    Or would a fusible link be a good idea on the power line into the headlight switch ?

  4. I've been working on my '76 Loadstar, and curiosity has got the best of me.

    The fuse panel does not have a spot for headlights. Thinking there has to be some kind of protection against a short , I took out all the fuses.

    With all the fuses out the headlights still work. I looked all over for relays . Under dash and on firewall. Can't find anything.

    Am I missing something obvious ?  

    I thought I would try the minds here because I know there is lots of binder knowledge here as well. 

    Thanks in advance 



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  5. Those are all great pics !   Thanks 

    A customer of mine told me that one of the most beautiful spots in the world was Montana. I think he meant in the summer.

    However if you were inside , and didn't have to deal with snow , its very picturesque .

    Brocky, that video is so cool.  I like that those were the days that people wanted to see the plow .  Now they blow the horn ,keep there high beams on behind us,  give the finger and throw stuff at us.  People are so appreciative . lol 

  6. On 10 February, 2018 at 1:26 PM, hatcity said:

    2002 tandem dump    they are a good RIGID susp.   just seems should be fixed sooner...DOT will red ball me

    I'm pretty sure if you owned the truck, it would be fixed already. 

    That's the hardest part of working for someone else. Sometimes the owners priorities are different than what we think is important.  I'm not saying this is the case.   But I know of people that think its more important to go to Vegas or buy a fancy new  pickup , than fix their trucks. 

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  7. 8 hours ago, Brocky said:

    Snowdog and others: Start saving your pennies!!! Stephanie Anton is working on tours for both the "Haulin of the Hume" in 2019 and Truckie's Reunion in Alice Springs in 2020. I will post the info in a separate topic when it becomes available.

    I think that would be a great experience . Unfortunately,  Even if I could save the money for it . I don't think I could do the long flights.  


  8. Thanks for sharing your pics with us Paul. I'm pretty sure I will never see the land down under. But your pics get me a little closer.  

    Forgive me if this has been asked already…….. but do you have to keep a log book ?  I'm thinking if I got stopped by the DOT in a day cab, If I told them I slept in the gutter beside the truck .Even if the weather was appropriate ,  They would just haul me off to jail. LOL  

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