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  1. 32 minutes ago, alex g said:

    Keith was that old Ford one of your Dad's?

    Yes it was Alex.  After living in sanders for 3 winters ,I was able to get a contract for a plow ,and put my own plow on. A 1979 International S series with a DT 466 and a 13 speed. 

  2. 20 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    I used to like that sanding job. It was nice and simple back then. You didn't have to deal with all those liquid de-icing agents and crap. And you could put out how ever much material you wanted to.


    O the good old days. When you had a simple hydraulic controller to set spinner and conveyor . And your supervisor trusted you to put down the amount of product you thought was appropriate for the conditions.   

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  3. 16 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    Beggars can't be choosers snowdog....can't find any Mack's around here in salt country that aren't completely rotten. My volunteer fire dept had an old R Model but it is already long gone. 

    I didn't mean anything negative about the Fords. Worn out Fords and International were all we could afford. They all ran well ,and never really let us down.

    This one had a gas engine. I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours in it. It just kept going. 



    It's kind of interesting that around me , even though I live a little over an hour from the Oakville Plant. There wasn't many Macks. Municipalities and fire departments all had Ford or International.With some Dodges in there to.  

    I didn't get my first Mack till 1998.  My RD685s.  A 13 year old truck cost me almost $30,000. At the same time I could have got a Ford or International for a lot less.

    Hind sight , It was a good decision to get a Mack. It worked In every Snowstorm for the next 21 years, and never let me down once. 



  4. Really nice looking unit.  

    I remember being amazed at the huge cab with a big windshield after being so used to Loadstars .  That was before I discovered Mack was the best . LOL 


  5. On 1/14/2020 at 2:14 AM, Vladislav said:

    Those panels on Eastern and Western R's are completely different. Eastern ones are MUCH longer and I"m afraid (not sure) are less of the higth (narrower). Also Western parts were made of alu and had surface stamped by leaned lines which cross each other.

    Eastern panels were different as I said but what's important (to Eastern R owners) they were at least 3 (known to me) styles. Early ones were alu with four (some with six) holes for screws in the corners. The surface was of horizontal stamped lines combining polished and ground (sand-scratched) areas. Those were installed (as I could figure) on early hoods on non-CMAC trucks. The trucks with aircooler (longer hoods) purchased newer panels which were made of stainless steel. The same general design but as I was told by some owners of early R's those newer panels were less in size and didn't fit early hood opening really good. But that's not the end of the list. Later panels were of two different styles too. If you look at pics of Eastern R's you can notice some trucks had framings over the headlight openings in the hood and some didn't. I can't state those parts were installed from/to a sertain production year, more seem to me as an alternative factory option. Nevermind. The panels were different. Those which were used with no framings had four screw holes in the corners. And those which were supposed to be combined with frames had a sticking end at one side (toward the grill) to be slicked in below the framing and two screws in the corners at the outer side. And that is the style (and probably the only one) which you can currently purchase new. They're made by PAI and could be found on ebay etc. Part ## are FPA-5774 for the LH (with a square hole for pre-heater socket) and FPA-5773 for the RH (looking from driving direction) with no hole and you can use on the both sides if no heater to be installed. There's an issue if you're going to use those panels on a hood with no framings (as I did). First you need to cut off that sticking area. Than you find the two holes in the corners at the outer side don't correspond with ones in the hood. Seems like new holes were designed the screws to get into the framing not straight to the hood. And if you try to just put screws they get into the headlight opening not the fiberglass. So some kind of offset plates are needed to be made. And you sure need two more holes to drill at the grill side too.





    Mack Aluminum Trim 116QS456.1_resize.jpg

    This subject has puzzled me for a long time. I asked about it in a thread back in 2014. 

    This was the thread.  https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/36092-r-model-hood/?tab=comments#comment-250453


    I don't want to confuse things. I just though I would add some more information I discovered since then .  

    It reinforces what Vlad said about different appearance options in the different headlight trim surround's .  

    It appears to me that the eastern hoods are similar . The difference is the extra plastic headlight trim piece . 

    My 1988 doesn't have the extra plastic but my 1985 does.  When I took the plastic piece off the hood is the same underneath . The 4 holes under the plastic piece are the same as the holes in the stainless piece on the 1988. 

    Some pics to help show my findings 



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  6. On 4/24/2019 at 6:50 PM, 1965 said:

    I’m just blind I guess, went back & saw it. We did some for some customers back in the 90’s & used pvc pipe & used a breather like on a transmission. Yours is lot nicer!

    Thanks , it is working really good. The amount of oil on the sides of the engine before I did this , I thought something could have been wrong. But after capturing 

    the oil in one place, there is very little oil coming out of the airboxes. 

  7. 12 hours ago, 1965 said:

    Didn’t see; but you need to have a breather at top of that tank or you’ll have too much airbox pressure & it’ll start leaking from crankcase vents

    Thanks, I did put a vent in the top. After reading your post, I noticed its hard to see in the photo. 

    I've  been getting guidance from a retired Detroit guy.  

    Thanks again though. I'm always open to info about my Detroit .  I'm trying to learn as much as I can . 

    This pic shows the vent in the top better .


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  8. 20 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    Wow what a difference some paint and cleaning made!! That looks great 85Snowdog. Nice job.


    Looking at your first pics, the dash looks in amazingly good shape too. Usually all these old trucks are trashed inside, or full of holes.

    Thanks. The dash looks good in photo. In person its not at perfect as it appears. 

    If you have some time on May 11 and don't mind heading south. A friend of mine  host a little show and shine in Alliston. Its about 30 min south of Barrie.

    You can see it in person, along with my Tri-axle  RD that's similar to the one you showed the pic of. 




  9. I forgot to mention that all I have done to the 8V92 is service it .  

    I did however add a box for the airbox drains to drain into.

    Originally the airbox drains went into the crankcase. I was told its better to watch what comes out of the airbox. When I got the truck, the drains just drained onto the ground. It was a little messy where ever I went ,LOL. 

    So I put together this box for the drains to go into. I can then drain it and watch to make sure there is nothing in it but oil. 



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