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  1. Welcome aboard and congrats on your new to you "U" . 

    There is a lot of good info and helpful people here. 

    Here is a useful link to some info on VIN numbers.                                                                                     https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/51420-r-model-vin-decoder/?tab=comments#comment-382830

    If nothing has been altered, you have a U model tractor with tandem wheels. A Maxidyne 237 engine that is absolutely bullet proof. 

    I think most 237 's were backed with either a 5 speed or a 2 stick 6 speed tranny . But could be wrong about that. 


    You will have yourself a cool project . Hopefully you post lots of pics . 





  2. 13 minutes ago, Joey Mack said:

    How do I find out if she's Canadian? I assume with the vin? I haven' t looked yet... I would also like to find a forum on Internationals... I had a '73 scout back in the late 80's. It was my "woods buggy" up in Maine... Thanks guys. Jojo

    Hopefully Alex won't mind if we steer off course . LOL 

    I've added a link that may help. I have a soft spot for international's . My father always had one. So I have had a couple loadstars. 

    Interesting part about the international forums is I always got more information about my Loadstars here on BMT than I ever got on an International forum. 

    I would suggest what Alex said. Start a tread in other truck makes. There is a lot of knowledge amongst the BMT crew . 



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  3. 5 hours ago, Vladislav said:


    Thank you for the GMC idea. Actually I don't have anything as a sample of such marker excepting interweb images of Cruiseliners equipped with them. My truck has small lights which looks like KW W900 fender lights. And from the web pics it looks like it was a typical setup for Cruiseliner Macks. I found a few offers on NOS ones on flea bay but would prefere to install larger torpedo style markers. Having no sample it turns out we should figure what they are (or were) and than try to find a source. So all ideas are welcome. Good thing or bad but now it's not a need of the day since I'm elbow deep in two other big Mack projects.

    Glad to learn you enjoyed the reading.

    P.S. If you have a chance to make a look on the GMC markers I'd like to see a big size photo of. Again, no rush.

    No problem Vlad , I will get you some good pics. It will take me a bit of time , just like you , I'm elbow deep in work and working on my RD685 in my spare time. 

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  4. Looking at your pics , I can tell you that it is not a 350 4 valve. It may? be a 350 2 Valve . But I thought they had 2 oil filters plus the rotor . You just have the 2 oil filters .

    If you look behind the injection pump ,under the exhaust , there should be an id plate. 

    Regardless, that motor comes in different hp , all are VERY reliable .  

    Can't wait to see, hear  it running :twothumbsup:

  5. Thanks for the updates. 

    The pic of the number off the motor , I believe that is just the oil cooler part number . The "   10   88  "   in the middle line is a casting date. Which could mean your truck is newer than you though . Or, it was replaced at some point. I have the same numbers on my oil cooler. Its an E6 350 4 valve. 

    If you take a pic of the motor , I'm sure we can help. 



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  6. Welcome aboard :WELCOME:

    Looks like you have a nice project to work on. I liked the video. 

    Just my 2 cents....... Before you put batteries in it and start cranking. Change oil and filters and change fuel filters. 

    Take out air cleaner and check animals haven't made a home in there somewhere. If the project is for entertainment value, I guess it doesn't matter much. It looks like a nice truck though, that deserves a fighting chance. 

    I'm assuming you checked engine ,and its not stuck. 

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  7. It sounds like you have a plan for going ahead.:thumb:

    I noticed something in your picture that triggered my curiosity . 

    On the inside of the front spring bracket, are  some tabs that a cross member bolts to . I thought it was very far forward for the front of the engine. It didn't seem right. 

    So my curiosity revealed that one reason for different front spring brackets is the Radiator that is used in the truck. 

    On both my R and RD 688. The rad goes down beside the front spring bracket ,with not a lot of extra room. The rad is supported at the top side of the frame above the spring mounts.

    On a RD 685 with a rad that allows a driveshaft from the engine crank. The rad doesn't come down as far, and we see a different rad, and rad support cross member is bolted to spring brackets. 

    This , at the end of the day isn't very important . But like you said , the little details can be very interesting. 


    This is your pic . 


    This is outside of RD685 ( 1985 ) Looks like similar bracket to yours 



    Shows from underneath . the same bracket as in your picture. Just opposite side. 



    This shows the rad on RD688 .Rad goes down beside spring bracket. 



  8. The best I could do for the bogie stand is comparing an RD with 38,000 # to an R with 44,000# . The R frame is the R 700. But the frame hight is the same as my R600. 

    This is where things get muddy. At the front of the truck the extra inch is on the bottom of the frame. On the back ,the bogie stand is kept on the bottom, and the extra inch of frame is on the top. Unfortunately , it doesn't make sense to me. 

    First pic is RD




    Hopefully , this helps . Its unfortunate you can't use your RD frame rails because of the V.I.N number. It sounds like its in good shape. 




  9.  I have some more pics for you Vlad. I have to apologize in advance . I think these add more questions than answer them.

    I forgot to mention in the first post. The R 600 is a 1988 with a 14,300 # front axle . The RD600 is a 1986 with an 18,000 # front axle. 

    You will see by the pics that both front spring brackets are very similar . Even the size of the frame at the front of the truck is close to the same .


    RD first pic, R second pic



    IMG_6195.thumb.JPG.4008053d3420daae895dc6993436bac3.JPGRD frame

    IMG_6204.thumb.JPG.6fbdcad33869fdbe40e55bfe3e9e6e8b.JPGR frame 











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