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  1. I hope you didn't think I was being smart about the open air workshop.  I'm jealous .  It gets pretty cold here  . It's hard on the hands trying to repair something outside. If its broke though, sometimes you don't have a choice. My hands give me troubles now from being froze more than once . 

    Your new building sounds impressive :twothumbsup:

  2. Your truck looks good. I love the all season shop its in . I'm guessing if you want under a roof or in a shop its to avoid the sun .

    Do you have a hard time finding brake parts for your truck ? I'm one of a few that still run spoke wheels.   But in my part of the world its getting difficult to get parts , and if you can find them they are VERY expensive. The steer axle is the worst. The drives are not as bad . 

  3. 8 hours ago, Deputy Dog said:

    Thanks for watching! 

    I liked the mud flap video.  Thought you might find it interesting ...... There was a thread on the details of the bulldog on the hood.  The older bulldogs are not symmetrical. The left and right side are slightly different . Yours should be like that. The same differences were on the older mirrors . 

    New bulldogs are symmetrical .

    Here is the link . 


  4. Glad it helped. Unfortunately there is no part #'s in those books. I'm not sure what you could get with part #'s. 

    I have always had good luck getting the info I need on this site. 

     I have John Deere equipment. Like Case IH ( I think ?). I can go on line and get a parts breakdown of any machine , very easily. I wish I could with my old Macks. Instead ...... I go in the dealership , ask for a part for a 1985 R model and the parts person looks at me like I have 2 heads.LOL 

    I'm not sure if you have ever visited the BMT wiki section. There is some cool stuff there .  

    P.S.   Because I have Deere , I don't knock case IH.LOL .    My father still has a 1954 Case SC4 he purchased new 


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  5. I'm not sure if this helps, hope it doesn't confuse . 

    On the back page of an old operators manual I have for DM and DMM is a mention of your reference ( TS 442) 

    Before you say its the wrong book , I actually have one of the books of the pair and it covers all Macks ,including your "U"

    I wouldn't be concerned if the last revised date was 79. 


    This is the back Page of the manual above



    This is one of the manuals of the set mentioned above 


    And this is the back page of the Manual above 




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  6. 1 hour ago, deadparrot said:

    Just the two outside ones? What about the middle one? Mine has 5 total.

    I agree with Terry, the bottle is for an alcohol  evaporator. I can't see you will need it . Unless you will be using it in the winter. 

    As for the lights , The left toggle operates only the 2 outside cab lights. the right toggle either up or down will work the 3 middle cab lights.

    On the subject of lights. Don't rip apart everything if the brake lights stay on. They should be on when the parking brakes are set. they should come off when you release the brakes. If they don't come off ,check the hand valve first . You probably know this already. But just in case . 


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  7. Just wanted to be clear. I didn't like this post because I thought this was a good idea. I just find it very interesting how everything today has to become so complicated .  

    I spoke with a person yesterday that is sending their new trucks to the auction and rebuilding their older trucks. 

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  8. 56 minutes ago, deadparrot said:

    Should of seen me at the first right turn at a stop sign. Needless to say I was not ready for how slow she turns from a stop LOL... by the time I got her in the right direction you would of thought I was make a wide right turn for a 53 foot van behind me, not bobtail. I did get a thumbs up from a neighbor who runs two old Petes who later sent me a text "finally got a real truck?" as a way to mock our Freightliner Columbia grain tractors :)

    Honestly the biggest issue I have with no power steering isnt the lack of power assist, but that my mid section is on the big side and with this stock seat and no tilt wheel im fighting the manual steering and wheel rubbing my belly! LOL a bit tight for me but still fun. I may get creative with a new air seat but that wont really help for room. And a smaller steering wheel could help for room but clearly make steering worse. 

    I could loose weight.... Maybe someone has a reasonable solution? :)

    Just in case you didn't know , the steering column slides in and out to allow room. There is a lock handle on the right side of the column . Push the handle down to unlock .  You may already know but just in case you didn't . 

    My experience with aftermarket seats has been they take up more room than the factory seats.Giving you even less room. But I'm sure there is better seats out there and hopefully someone will chime in with good alternatives or ideas for you. 


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  9. Thanks for sharing pics with us. 

    I can't believe how solid it looks . There is new trucks roaming the roads in my part of the world that have rustier frames. Im a little envious. 

    Hopefully someone will chime in if I'm wrong..... but I believe with the 3 similar oil filters it is an extended service interval (ESI) engine. So it would hold 58.5 quarts. The smaller oil pans hold 33.5 quarts . You will know by how much comes out. Make sure you have a big enough drain pan. lol  

    For your fan belts , I would take the old ones to a good automotive parts dealer and let them measure them. 

    Please keep us posted 

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