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  1. I know where you're at! I usually take a couple pieces of Equiptment up to Richie Bros in Bolton every year.

    The next time you are in the area, and you are ready to kill the idiot at the front of the line of cars that is doing 25 miles/hour up hills and 55 miles/hour down hills………………Its probably me in my 85 RD, that has a 237 in it.

    It may not be fast….but sure is pretty to watch!

  2. I have been watching the storm, and have seen it was affected a lot of you south of the border. I hope it moves out soon and doesn't hurt you to much.

    To the ones that plow snow. I hope you make a lot of $$$$$$ . You deserve it, Its a tough job , I know. Done it for 24 years.

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