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  1. I think before i started taking the pump off I would try what Dirtymilkman suggested.  Check the puff limiter rack limiting cylinder on the front of the pump.  

    Before you do this …. If you mash the throttle with the brakes on , does it blow black smoke ?  From what you said it won't , I just wanted to make sure you did this simple test

    to see if it is pump related or puff limiter related.  

    My 350 4V seemed lazy . It would only get boost around 1600 - 1700 rpm . It turned out to be the puff limiter relay valve  on the manifold. 

  2. Like the guys said above, signals and brake lights go through the turn signal.  If you have a separate brake and signal going to the back.  I think you could  wire in a

     4 to 5 wire converter. They are used for  vehicles that have separate brake and signal lights that need to be converted to a single light that operates both brake and turn. They're not very expensive , and you should be able to get it at any trailer place.



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  3. 8 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    Kinda like how they bought one of the best motor grader companies in the world (Champion), then claimed stuff like the class leading transmission was THEIR design, then they pulled the plug on them last year and sent production to a Chinese company.

    Meanwhile every city and rural township around here had Volvo graders and they just left them all hanging.

    Thats an interesting point. Every region and township around me had Champion then Volvo graders. Now they are all John Deere . I wasn't sure if it was pricing or the product. But I never see Volvo graders any more. 

  4. On 12 January, 2017 at 11:34 AM, BillyT said:

    What a fascinating post Dave! Did that B have a brownie behind the compound? You'd almost need more gears to get the Damn thing moving! As far as putting a cat in a B, in 74 there was a B hauling steel out of Pittsburgh said to have a 318 Detroit in it! Never saw under the hood, so can't swear to it! In those days the 318 was still considered a pretty powerful engine. There was a very brief period in the 60s or 70s when Allis Chalmers was building an engine for big truck use, anybody know the history of that? 41?

    I don't want to get this off track , but here is a thread about the Allis Chalmers engine . Known as the Big Al  


  5. 7 hours ago, 41chevy said:

    M2 incomplete is a knocked down unit with parts crated that needed to be installed at point of entry. Generally the parts not installed are front bumper assembly, mirror units, top pipe(s) on exhaust stack(s) and sometimes outer rear tires. Incomplete units also pay  lower export / import duties.    Paul

    Well this makes some sense to me now. 

    Here are some pics to reinforce what you mention about incomplete.

    This paperwork came with my 1988 "R"  . 

    Mack incomplete.jpegMack incomplete 1.jpeg

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  6. Sorry for getting this thread off track :unsure:  We might have to start a new thread on decoding a VIN 

    Vlad, is it possible that your truck is a 1989 model year ??    



    Model Year Character Codes

    As shown above, the 10th character of the VIN indicates its model year.

    • A: 1980 or 2010
    • B: 1981 or 2011
    • C: 1982 or 2012
    • D: 1983 or 2013
    • E: 1984 or 2014
    • F: 1985 or 2015
    • G: 1986 or 2016
    • H: 1987 or 2017
    • J: 1988
    • K: 1989
    • L: 1990
    • M: 1991
    • N: 1992
    • P: 1993
    • R: 1994
    • S: 1995
    • T: 1996
    • V: 1997
    • W: 1998
    • X: 1999
    • Y: 2000
    • 1: 2001
    • 2: 2002
    • 3: 2003
    • 4: 2004
    • 5: 2005
    • 6: 2006
    • 7: 2007
    • 8: 2008
    • 9: 2009

    Country of Origin Character Codes

    The 1st character in a car's vehicle identification number indicates the country in which it was manufactured.

    Some of the country codes include:

    • 1, 4, 5: United States
    • 2: Canada
    • 3A-37: Mexico
    • J: Japan
    • VF-VR: France
    • 9: Brazil
    • WA-W0: West Germany
    • S: Great Britian


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  7. I don't know much about the numbering system for VIN's . The only thing I can add is that I have 3 Oakville built trucks that start with 2M2 , and I know they were not gliders because I've known 2 of them since new , and have there original build sheets.   

    I do know that the 10th digit ( a letter , should be a "J"  in Vladislav's 1988 )  represents the year. 

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  8. Something else I wanted to add, that I learnt today. I thought it was interesting.

     All you firefighters will know.

    The button for ringing the bell ,if your riding on the back.   I realize they don't do that anymore . 

     Image 7.jpg

  9. Theres a lot of info on here about puff limiters. The thread that helped me the most is this…...


    Swishy posted some shop manual pics in the very last post. They are very helpful.   Thanks Swishy !!

    Another point that may be helpful , is in the pic that Jim posted you can see on the bottom there is a CP5X   . You will find a they are all stamped with a number that ends with X.

    could be a 3X all the way to 9X (i think)  The lower the # the less smoke you get. I have a 3X on my 350 and a 5X on my 237 .  

    The relay valve is just part of it though. The rack limiting cylinder (where the line is going to from the relay) has to be set and working properly. The info Swishy posted shows how to test .  



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  10. Congratulations on your new truck .   I love this story because you were actually able to buy the truck . Stories like this usually end with the " the owner won't sell it , because they want to save it "or they think its worth $ 30,000…….    usually 5 years later it is sitting in the same spot , just a lot rustier .  

    Thanks for including us in your endeavour . Hopefully you will include us in the work you do to it .  Nice truck :thumb:

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