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  1. Yes, the one Gary has came from Yaworski's. Yaworski brothers each had one. I don't know the exact details regarding the differences between the two trucks. It's my understanding that it's somewhat too expensive to get this truck to shows now-a-days. I'm sure a lot of truckers are experiencing that issue, especially if you have more than one truck.
  2. Hi Folks, Just joined here at BigMackTrucks, and I don't even own a truck. Is that a rule? BUT, I am a big truck wannabe. I have been photographing trucks for more than 10 years now and I love the big iron and the rust, dust and smell of diesel. I live in Northeast CT. Hope you don't mind an amateur who posts a good truck photo now and then. Made my first truck post just now, with a big SuperLiner. Some people just don't realize it's Thanksgiving... Alan
  3. Trucks I come across in my world of rust and dust.
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