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  1. I can get every thing set and it runs great but the noise and when you do 1-5 and get to 3 the no.1 and 5 have a lot of play almost a 1/4 in and it dose this thought the hole process you get the next one done and the last couple are loose and when I start back at 1 there right where they need to be.. and a cat turn over tool works great on the e7 the fly wheel is marked clearly . I just need to figure out why I have the rattle and cant get rid of it ,it drives me nuts and that a short enuff trip anyway.
  2. ok I have tried to dial to the bottom of the cam and tried to set the exhaust when the intake just starts to close which should put your exhaust on the bottom of the lob and this full thing wont even start you can hear the exhaust valves are open so I set it with the timing marks and it starts and runs great do the epu's run off the cam because it acts like there are 2 stages on the cam? and it still has the 1/4 in play at times on each exhaust. should it have the spring type push tubes? cant find any info on this on the internet. thanks for the help
  3. this truck starts and run great but has noise . maybe I need to go old school and dial it in that sure fire for getting at the bottom of the lob? haven't had to do that sense the ol 270's
  4. this engine has 690 jakes and the push tubes are solid not springed. I just haven't had this type of problem before where when you get 3hole done the last to have that type of play. I have an e7 service manual and it have any info on this and I would sure like to get it figured out
  5. why is the dynatard cam so different then any others and how do you adjust the overhead on those
  6. I have a cx613 with a 460 e7 I went to run the overhead and started at #1 when I got to # I reached over and just rattled #1 and the exhaust had about 1/4 inch play and so did the exhaust on #5 which was the last one done but only on the exhaust valves after adjusting all 6 holes as I went though them it was the same all the way though the last 2 holes done were loss is this normal??? it dose have noise there like the overhead is loss and did to start that's why I run the overhead to start with. I just bought this truck and the oil pressure is low also 12lbs @ idle and the plugs are all in
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