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  1. It's a beauty. Can't wait to see it finished. Very nice. Hope to see more pics
  2. I started with a newer F250, that I put a lot into. Then this past winter I restored a 1960 Ford tractor that my grandfather bought brand new. It was getting real rusted out and I wanted it to stay in the family, so I surprised everyone by restoring it. Now my next project will be a Mack.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm new to BMT. I've been on the site before trying to look at pics. Decided to join. I have always liked Mack trucks so I think I found the right site. I don't have a Mack yet, but it will be the next truck added in my collection. I've always had a big interest in old Macks. I look forward to exploring the site and reading on all the forums.
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