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  1. Just looking for ideas and info on getting more HP out of this truck. I’d like to see her roll coal and also put a larger turbo into play. Where would I start first and what can I do to get more power out of this old Bulldog?
  2. im not dead certain but i believe it to be a vmac 1 ....i have found some hi performance parts at Rochester fuel injection and also IL dyno center.
  3. block off the aeroild valve and crimp off the line going back to the injector pump from the aeroild valve and she run like a scalded dog !!!
  4. i have a 84 r with the air split 6 speed overdrive ...she'll crawl in the bottom hole and get me a ticket in the top hole . will run 80s easy. only thing is there are some big steps after first 2 gears . so used to 6 id probably end up cross eyed with an 18 speed !!!
  5. trying to buy this truck w e7 ... in 05 mack did some kind of emissions update on this trk .. im use to an ole e6 smoking !!! this e 7 seems to be somewhat under power and no smoke [black] at all!! what are my options as far as bigger injectors and a bigger turbo ? hauling logs and pulling a pup so i need all the power i can get. IL dyno center has a chip but wondering if there isnt more ?
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