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  1. Funny how you can find Turkish Mack's but only outside of Turkey... Here's a good topic about pictures of the old Turkish trucks, Mack's can be seen as you can see in the following page link: http://wowturkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36032&start=360
  2. I'm invading this topic , I asked the person who took the previous pictures that I already posted If he can took some more, I just like to keep showing these classics some love from the region that I represent I'm currently hoping for pictures or information's about the F-Series history in Algeria.
  3. Hello this is some other pictures, i think the company is called Yertaş, i searched about them on Facebook and i found this page which included 2 pictures* containing Mack trucks of their fleet appearing randomly, awesome how they still depend on them. *The pictures I had found on their Facebook page, seemed to be taken on a project location situated somewhere in the middle east, probably in Iraq/Kurdistan region: Picture #1 Picture #2
  4. Hello guys! finally we got a picture for the Mack's that i already published about them on this topic. Recently i did a little investigation on Internet and i discovered that this Turkish company is currently building a textile factory in Relizane region (as i mentioned previously) which is considered the largest in Africa. the tanker version that i had seen on January had Turkish license plates, but these are having Algerian registration plates (with the 1990 first circulation year/ 48= Relizane province) but not sure for the one on right which it seems to be a crane/boom truck (left on
  5. Especially in Africa, it is very rare to find old trucks being well cared for, unfortunately
  6. 2 weeks ago i had seen a white Mack DM (probably 690-s, tanker version) in Zemmoura, Relizane, west Algeria. it had Turkish license plates on it, i tried to take a picture but unfortunately i couldn't because my phone was lagging when the truck was coming on the opposite side of the road, the truck was in excellent condition and it probably belongs to a Turkish construction company, this is the first time* in my life i see a Turkish registered vehicle in my country and how great that it was a MACK ! *(except for another yellow Turkish registered Mack and a Dodge AS-Series i have seen only on t
  7. Not really ! i don't have enough money to buy anything now i'm almost bankrupt
  8. You're welcome ! it's my pleasure ! And this is a new picture, taken just today i received from a friend, he found this old yellow R-Series in Bougaa, Sétif east Algeria in a junk yard with 2 C-500 Kenworth's, it's great how old Mack's are getting more discoverable these days in Algeria, and by this new discovery i'm starting to think about the possibility of may be there was a local company using these R-Series to transport their loads across the country.
  9. Pictures i received recently from my friend Smail on Facebook, he found this big old yellow Mack with Turkish license plates which is probably used by a Turkish company in Algeria, i think it's a DM-Series model ?
  10. Unfortunately i spent all of the money i had on a 94 Diesel Suburban :/ but even if i had the chance to buy it ! i wouldn't do ! that's because i don't have any chances to restore it or make something with it , and that's really sad, i really hope someone can take care of it very soon ... sorry for my late response because i don't connect too much on this forum. You're welcome Vlad that's my pleasure, i adore the old American trucks ! And yes you're right about finding these old American irons in Algeria is really hard now ! i'm very interested about them since 2010 and i didn't find really
  11. Thanks i've seen this before, do you any other pictures/informations about Mack trucks in Algeria ?
  12. New pictures sent by a fan from my facebook page about American vehicles in Algeria, i think it's a Mack DM-Series ?
  13. Yes you're right , unfortunately i don't have the means nor conditions to rebuild these trucks but at least if i had much money i will buy them just to ensure that they will be not scrapped & recycled , i hope someone will save them very soon.
  14. Hi this is my first post in this forum, i'm a big fan of the old U.S vehicles , Mack is one of my best favorite trucks make and it is very rare in my country Algeria, yesterday my friend Akram sent me pictures of 3 destroyed Mack R-Series he found in Ouled Derradj junkyard, east Algeria, so i was happy and sad in the same time because i was waiting to see this trucks again here (i didn't see them from the '90), but at least in good condition, so unfortunately it wasn't, mr.Akram tried to get more info's like what company did use them or what are the owners but he couldn't make it, may be anoth
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