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  1. Let's set this story straight!!! I am the gentleman who sold George the truck which I purchased from the estate of Don Costin. I drove the truck back to my yard from Wenham , Mass. which was about 65 miles. I did have trouble shifting into high range on occasion, however the truck did not overheat at all. I looked into the shift problem with my friends from the Mack garage. It was determined that the throttle linkage on the injection pump was out of time. I corrected the problem and also adjusted the linkage on the air foot throttle. I rode tested the truck and found that it did shift at 2100 rpm's as it was designed to do. The buyer was e-mailed approximately 20 to 25 pictures including 4 pictures showing the minor rust. He was also recommended not to drive the truck to West Virginia as the truck is 42 years old and weighs 44,000 pounds and was not designed to travel that far non stop due to the age of the truck. The buyer stated it would be alright because he was in no rush and was taking his time. He left here at 1:45 P.M. on Monday, Sept. 9th and arrived at his home at 5:15 A. M. on Tuesday. He had the opportunity to get on a plane and go back home if the truck wasn't what he wanted. He did not mention that the truck had six brand new radial tires on it and a brand new E-1 body. which is worth $6500 any day of the week. He also stated he has a 1980 Mack Scope with extreme rust but a good drive line, it would be well worth it to put the motor from that truck into the 1971 truck. I have been fixing, running , and selling Mack trucks for over 40 years and never had one complaint. Any one is welcome to e-mail or phone with any comments positive or negative or questions, which I will answer. Thank You---mackdogsonly@aol.com or Merk @508-868-4322
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