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  1. Put a good penetrating rubber protect product onto the rubber strips that are at the back of each shutter blade, before you do anything on the shutters - try using a good quality liquid type product and you can apply with an old tooth brush so you get into the groves where the rubbers are set. Let the product penetrate and dry before you polish the shutter blades, and try avoid the aluminum polish getting onto the rubber strips. And then after you finish polishing apply another coat of rubber protection product. Avoid any harsh chemical washing products on the rubbers.

  2. TNT was started in Australia after WW2 by Ken Thomas ( a returned soldier ) in Sydney Australia, trucks were orange and white. Many of it's drivers were former WW2 pilots who could not find work as pilots and the truck driving paid maybe 3 or 4 times what a commercial pilot was paid during late 1940's and 1950's. All senior TNT mangers were former truck drivers that progressed through the company, very few had formal education and they were good operators. TNT also operated Kwikasair and Comet Overnight in various countries. Over time during 1970's it became a world wide company, public listed on Australian Stock Exchange. TNT was Thomas National Transport. It got into trouble in the late 1980's under new management (wrongly Ken Thomas and his team were pushed out of the company) when it bought a fleet of BAE 46 jet aircraft to compete with the Dutch Post Office. TNT also owned Ansett Airlines with NEWS Corp (Rupert Murdoch) which ran into trouble because they bled the very profitable airline dry to fund their respective overseas expansions. Eventually Ansett was sold to Air New Zealand and it stopped operations around 2000. TNT failed, the Dutch post office bought most of TNT world wide, sold many unwanted parts. However Murdoch's NEWS Corp prospered. At least the name TNT continues - some 70 years. Who remembers the AC/DC ( also an Aussie rock band) song TNT!!!!!!

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  3. For your rubber products, windows etc contact the guys at www.restorationspecilaties.com

    We have bought a number of rubber parts from them, including reproduction of the rubber base of the original cab marker lights and the felt for the glass lens or plastic lens - they fit perfectly

    They have a good product range, window rubbers, doors etc they may also have the cab mounts price is competitive and service is also very reliable, they travel to lots of shows it's a husband and wife operation however they always reply to emails or call them.

  4. Vlad

    The grab handle in your picture is solid stainless steel, we have bought some sets of this handle from Watts. They are not the original B model handles. The original B model handles are chromed hollow steel plate and they were a standard accessory used on Kenworths Peterbilts and other trucks.

    If you want these original style used on the B models Courtland Truckworks in Courtland, California (they are old Peterbilt specilaists) supply reproductions of the originals, send an email to Mike, they sell/export around the world - we have bought a number of the original style handles for our B model they are good exact reproductions

    Mike's email is truck_works@yahoo.com

    They also have a web site you can find on goole under Courtland Truckworks

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