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  1. I have looked closely at the picture of his fall climbing the stairs and how he landed on the stairs and grabbed the right side hand rail. A fit healthy man, even at 78, without a shoulder bag should be able to climb aircraft stairs easily and not have to hold the hand rail, he would not have fallen and landed as Biden did in the picture. A fit man would have controlled his fall and he could have grabbed the left side rail to balance his mis-step and stop his fall onto the steps. I don't see this here, which for me indicates he may not have been in control of his balance. Maybe he had a dizzie spell/black out!!! He was lucky that he did not fall backwards. 

    What if it he fell as he descended the steps, he would have gone head first!!!

    All leaders, irrespective of age, male or female, must be healthy and fit to hold their public office. If he was to be tested for a truck driving licence medical would he pass the test with flying result???

    And consider, Airforce One has the red carpet on the stairs that makes it easier to go up or down. All commercial aircraft stairs are uncovered aluminium steps, that with constant usage the metal becomes smooth, yet I have never seen any passenger with a shoulder bag fall going up or down the stairs, over 45 years of air travel, wet, windy and dry conditions.

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  2. Hi Matt

    Your comments re the 220 exhaust manifold and exhaust stack frame you plan fitting. We have our 6 inch twin exhaust stacks attached to the side of our cab, with the flexible stainless steel sections under the cab. The LS sound and heat works excellently, we have no resonance or vibration, and I can hear the radio and CD's music very clearly, with the windows closed. The real joy is hearing the motor humming with the turbo whistling when driving with the window down, "music", I think the LS deadening effects eliminates or absorbs all cab, door metal and engine hood resonance, so that only the engine sound thru the exhaust is what we hear. We also put the LS sound on underside of the inner and outer guards and the V shaped infill panel between the guards and hood, this has significantly reduced road noise from the front wheels and vibrations and resonance from engine bay.

    Your cab looks magnificent, compliments to your passion and attention to detail. The red colour is perfect. 

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  3. from far away here in Aussie land it seems to me that if his fall is real, he may be hurt and he is having trouble, is it possible that history is progressing faster than the team had anticipated and possibly soon you guys will have the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT???  Or could it be a fake fall and then ... never discount any possibility!!!

  4. Alex

    I have the same brass plaque, they are rare pieces it seems. Mine was dull and near black with grime, I have done a gentle clean and now looks similar to your plaque. I tried to polish the back side a bit harder to experiment to see how bright the brass may polish to. It did not/would not come up very bright, so I think it may be the quality of the brass made at that time. I cleaned all the grime from mine and it still has the old patina look. I have thought about giving it a clear coat but decided to leave original, been 1 year now and no change in the patina, has not dulled at all.

  5. Agreed Vlad, excellent observation, if the tyres blew but zero damage to the guard, the guard flaps and the metal frame , so maybe the rim damage cut the tyres, the driver pulled up and removed the tyres before any damage

    or is it made up to get our minds thinking what could have happened!!! 

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  6. The Pete looks like the Pete that was on the AHTS Facebook page recently. If yes it is a 1960 special order and 1 of the last built, it was built from factory left over parts, I think motor is 250 Cummins and 5 X 4 transmission. Facebook comments was that a deceased estate, when alive the owner wanted $40,000 and the buyer at auction said he got it for under half the $40,000 asking figure. Comment was that new owner will restore to original. Motor not running.

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  7. Mattb73lt - you guys could be in a scene of the "Expendables", better than the actors, thank you for your service and courage. My bike riding mate was 19, he did 13 months in Vietnam, he weighed 70 kilos and carried 70 kilos of gear, good health and happiness to you all

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  8. Well said, clean agi's is a labour of love, my cousin is an owner driver with Holcim and 1 of his close mates has been with Boral concrete for 35 years, all the guys in their plants are very fussy with their agi's, especially continuously cleaning out left over concrete in their barrels, today the barrel metal skin is relatively thin, if left over concrete builds up, to remove it can easily become holes in the barrel skin, both these 2 guys have all the alloy tanks etc polished every 6 months. There are some smaller private owned concrete plants that have all their company owned trucks and barrels spotless, no matter the weather and there are some who don't care for their trucks' appearance.   

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  9. There are some differences between Aussie and US. We have many more than the 2 major parties as in US, that put themselves up for voting to get into parliament eg the Nationals (formerly Country party) Greens, Sex party (now renamed) which did get a seat in Victorian state parliament, Australia party, Shooters party, etc and also supposedly Independents - lone rangers.

    Also our voting system has preference voting, whereby all the parties contesting the election do deals to give each other their votes, if their party does not win the majority of the votes. For example the Greens party directed it's votes to the Labour party in their respective seats, meaning if you vote for the Greens in your local seat, the greens votes add to 6% and Labour candidate gets 45%, then the greens 6% goes to the Labour candidate giving a total of 51% and the so the Labour candidate wins the seat. The Greens thereby gets no seat in parliament, but they have defeated the Liberals, or any other party contesting the seat, from winning the seat.

    And a big difference but I may be wrong here, is in US each of the 51 states vote for a nominated candidate (Trump or Biden) to be the President for the next 4 years fixed, it is one or the other or some years ago 1 of 3 when Ross Perot ran for president. In Aussie we vote for a candidate of a Party in each seat, so the winning party forms govt and the party that wins the election selects the Prime Minister - usually the parliamentary party leader is the prime minster elect and is held during the election as the PM to take the leaders title. At the last Federal election, my vote was for the local candidate, I could not directly vote 1 for Scott Morrison to be the PM, whereas as I read you vote 1 Trump or 1 Biden to be President. For us it does not mean that person that becomes the PM will remain the PM until the next election. However, on the other hand, our PM has unlimited time in office if he decides to remain the PM, his party continues to win successive elections and his fellow party elected members of parliament vote him to be the PM.

    As you know in recent years have had a revolving door of removing reigning PM's mainly because the Polls were bad, - Rudd was tossed out by his fellow Labour elected party parliamentarians, went onto the backbench, bid his time and then later the same Labour parliamentarians did a 180 about turn and voted him back to be PM once more. Or the PM whilst in office and before the next election, will retire and his party's parliamentary members will vote his replacement to be the new PM, but without a public election. Our States have similar voting and govt as the Federal system and regularly the State Premiers retire and hand over the batten to the chosen heirs, which must be sitting parliament members to be able to take over the Premier position, we call this sweet heart deals. 

    Another factor in our voting system is that we have electoral boundaries which are being continually revised for each election, by the Electoral commission. It is a mystery how and why they keep moving the goal posts. This has resulted in seats that were say historical Liberal party held seats to become borderline and even a Labour seat, by moving the boundaries to bring a sizeable chunk of Labour voters. Hence why our former PM Howard lost his seat, his seat was altered to bring in big number of Labour voters, whereas his seat was rock solid with 65% of the votes.

    Finally, by law voting is compulsory, for all 3 levels of govt, Federal, State and Local council, if not we are fined.

    Our system is complicated and as we have experienced uncertain during the period 2009 to 2018, with revolving doors.


  10. It appears from the many pictures of the concrete agis that the companies dont seem to have a keen interest to have clean trucks and agitators, is my perception fair. Compared to our concrete companies, particularly Holcim, the Swiss company, which bought the Australian operations from Cemex of Mexico after Cemex bought the original Australian owned company in USA about 10 years ago, big presence in the Sthern US states of Texas, Florida - name just now escapes me. Cemex did not want the Australian and New Zealand operations. Locally Holcim has a culture of clean trucks, and most are owner drivers with real good contracts - they make good money  

  11. Oh I forgot to mention, the German shepherd on top of the wool bales is not a fake photo, and he jumped up from the truck cabin. When I was young, often I saw dogs riding on top of semi loads. I recall at least 2 of my dad's drivers had their dogs ride up top, one had a similar Shepherd, if the dog did not know you, you would not dare try go near the truck. Dad's drivers never let the dogs in their cab, they never fell off the loaded semi, even when tarpped, only if there was a gap in the load or a bit of trailer floor free then the dog rode in there. 

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