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  1. Oh, I grew up around Jimmys, their V8's have their sweet sound, however I agree with AZB, all Mack V8's - on another level of ...,  like Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound, no music comes close  - play loud Righteous Bros - You've lost that loving feeling - Mack V8 raw power!!! especially if coming out of 8 inch straits   

  2. You can try applying with roller or brush, on the rear panel, it washes with water and you would only need a small quantity of LS. It is worth an experiment. We applied the Sound control first and then the LS on top to every panel that is an external panel with paint finish. Definitely the underside of floor panel and the fire wall, do the engine side if you can do it.

    On hot day after running our truck, I feel no heat on the floor carpet, we have carpet direct on the steel floor, there is no underlay, the floor carpet directly above transmission was cool and same on the fire wall.

    Bob Call told me that they did an experiment with 2 Safeway 48 foot refrigerator trailers in AZ or nearby on a very hot day around 95-100 F. Identical vans, trucks and exactly same products loaded in the 2 vans. The roof of 1 van had LS applied to the external roof top, the other van did not have the LS. Both trucks ran the same trip to various stores for deliveries over an 8 hour shift and all daytime under the hot sun, both had the same temperature settings for cooling inside the vans. They had test equipment in both vans. The results were that the van painted with LS had a 35% reduction in fuel usage for the frig motor and both vans had same internal cold temps maintained, because the LS van motor worked less than the non LS van.

    Apart from motor vehicle usage, LS is great for securing air conditioning duct joints, for homes, offices and vehicles, normally we wrap duct tape around the joints to hold the 2 sections. After a time with hot and cold the duct tape dries and degrades and it lets go, and with air pressure the ducts separate. That happened to us the tape came off. I rejoined the ducts, reapplied new duct tape and then ran over the duct tape with thin coat of LS by brush covering all the tape. Repair now 5 years and duct joint is perfect. Also good for insulating around recessed lighting to stop heating inside the ceiling for fire risk.





  3. May I add a light heart comment to the mix, Malatesta is an Italian surname, not uncommon, and the translation is something like Sickhead, (please that it is an "S") Sorehead or Headache, being Mala is Sick/Sore and Testa is head. I student at my primary school was Tony Malatesta.

  4. AZB, the guy who invented the Lizard skin, Bob Call, was from Arizona. I spoke to Bob a number of times to get to understand the product, real friendly and happy to talk about his history building hot rods from age 13 and he said that insulation was the only area of vehicle development that had not really progressed. That was his motive to find a better way and he found it from the space shuttle.

    Bob told me he bought up to 100 new fry pans for the annual national hot rod show. He performed the fry pan test throughout the show for 7 days. He would paint a thin cover of LS onto the fry pan inside base, allow it to dry, which it did quickly, then he turned on the electric power and let the pan heat to maximum temp. Bob would then place his hand flat on the inside of the fry pan base, just like the story in the bible. And no heat on the base. He said people thought he was faking it, so he got them to test the fry pans and then do their own hand tests and they were convinced of the LS.

    When we first got the LS we did the same test as Bob, to test Bob's product for ourselves, but with 1 step in between, we painted all of the pan inside, bottom and sides with the LS. Left the LS to dry about 45 minutes. Then we added water about half full in the pan and left the fry pan heating for nearly 1 hour at full temp, with the lid on, the water remained cool, never heated. So then we removed the water, let the pan heat for 30 minutes on full heat, then did the hand palm test and no heat came through the LS.

    Yes you are correct, once applied it stays on for ever. We have applied all the undersides of our B 75, including the underside of the aluminium hood. Tapping the hood and doors with knuckles, it sounds like tapping fiberglass. And great for under/inside the fenders to absorb/reduce road noise, the stones don't chip the LS on the inside of the fenders.



  5. Excellent idea as I have noted to you re the Lizard skin. Don't forget after all metal is primed, clean to remove any oil or similar on primed metal, then first apply the sound control and then apply the lizard skin. Both products are made by the LS company.

    And make sure you spray both products into all the corners, tubes, weld joints etc, because the 2 products will result in a 100% sealing of all the joints to prevent moisture getting in and through - the other stick on type products are not designed to do what LS does - and do both sides of the cab floor and the fire wall.


  6. When I have bought parts from USA, I have asked supplier to forward by US mail and it has been very reasonable and quick - 3 days. When the supplier has shipped via UPS - open the cheque book.

    So maybe consider Aust post to send to USA, I think it would be lot cheaper than UPS

    An R model hood would be expensive to ship, because it would have to go into a shipping container, although depending where the container has to go, we ship 1000's of empty containers out of Aust to rest of the world, heard a box to China was around $50 Aus



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  7. An update, I checked the web site www.hars.org.au and found this is the museum located at Albion Park 1 hour south of Sydney, it was and continues to be the owner of the Connie and yes it continues to fly. John Travolta has donated his 707 to HARS.

    Interesting site for aircraft followers to do some reading

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  8. Sound experienced advice about E-9 engines and set up is hard to come by,  worth serious consideration, I have been talking to an experienced Mack guy, he has a long history and his advice is same as Kscarbel2 - he also says that E-9's should be run as set up at the factory and cared for properly as well - then you get a long happy use

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  9. I have posted here on other stories - go for the lizard skin, can't go wrong, we have used it extensively and Tylden Heritage here in Aus applies it now to all it's restorations.

    It is very easy to apply, water based so no toxic issues, will seal all joints and it is thick as a credit card. Properly applied to all the joints will give you 100% seal and no moisture/water will leak into the cabin. 

    Apply it to 100% of all unseen internal panels, under the floor, under the roof, inside the doors and at bottom of inside the doors (but leave holes open for drainage) and under the fenders. You will be surprised of the dense sound of the doors after the lizard skin is applied. Also do the engine side of the fire wall, it will reduce heat penetration in cab and sound as well.

    Lizard also make the sound control which is an extra for sound control. If you only have truck for restoration and casual driving then Lizard skin in sufficient.


  10. Please does any member know if there are any toy bulldogs, that have the eyes light up with LED lights that can be bought.

    I have searched on ebay there are several toy bulldogs but none appear to have eyes with lights.

    Mack accessories do not have any doggies listed.

    Thank you.




  11. My daughter is traveling on a bus from N York to  Pennsylvania summer camp to do her second year as a group leader, after camp last year she told me that there were strict rules of behaviour for all students attending 7 to 16/17 years AND all the staff, there are about 800 students at her camp and 200 staff, the girls and boys have their separate dormitories, the group leaders are supervising their allocated groups from 7 am to 11 pm and there were no problems - camp for the students was 8 weeks. The rules don't change and many parents have their children attending every year from age 7 to 16, because they are confident of the safety and secure about the behaviour

    My son did scouts for 3 years and there was none of that nonsense at the jamborees, the rules were made known to all, and the leaders did their jobs

    The rules have worked for many many years, why change - to create division and invite problems?   

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  12. I know I am repeating what I have written but hard experience lesson - make sure you put the flex additive into the paint and hyfill etc, otherwise in all the hidden areas no need to paint over, but if say you want to get some colour into the lizard skin I think the current product is a lighter grey, you could put a little colour into the lizard skin, my guys put a little green paint into the lizard skin before they applied it under the engine hood for sound and heat control - picture attached, now the alloy hood sounds like it is fiberglass


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  13. Matt,  no need for the dynamat, apply the 2 lizard skin products all non painted areas both inside and out, including both sides of the firewall. On the engine side of firewall, we applied 1 coat of the 2 products then light sand to smooth it out  (lizard skin when dry is like a golf ball finish) then a second application to fill the golf ball type holes, then light rub back then we applied hyfill which we added about 35% flex additive to allow the hyfill to be compatible with the lizard skin (it is flexible - hence it's sealing quality and wont crack when dry) and did same with the hyfill a rub back and then another coat then paint undercoat with the 30-35% flex additive and same again with the top / final paint finish - we achieved result on the engine firewall side as the finished external paint and now 3 years since painted no cracking of any kind on the fire wall and withstands the heat from the engine, the sound control is good check out the lizard skin video the guy does a sound decible rating 

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  14. people seem to forget, we all gain from modern technology, however when there are power failures or comms are out, and we had them recently, it was like the world stopped - supermarkets could not process sales people had to wait up to 1 hour to complete their shopping, cash machines stopped, fuel pumps stopped - people got stuck and they could not go back to a manual system - I was lucky to have enough cash to pay for my groceries, if not !!!! 

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