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  1. A Mack dealer in Florida once told me that if I wanted my '99 e-tech 460 jakes to work right, I needed to have an oil passages drilled in the head and to also install the high pressure oil pump regulator. I haven't had time to do these mods yet.
  2. Name: Mack 80 in condo CH 613 (1999) Date Added: 23 August 2008 - 11:41 PM Owner: kotflb Short Description: E7 460 18 speed fuller 3.70 ra eaton delux interior pwr everything.<br />Added items:<br />Aux apu<br />espar d5 coolant heater<br />dish tv<br />fuel filter, heater, water separator View Vehicle
  3. For the engine brake to work right, it's my understanding that the heads need to cross-drilled in order to get enough oil pressure. Someone more knowledgeable may can expand on this.
  4. The main difference maybe is that I've got 3.70 rear ends on lp24.5 tires and I rarely run above 65 mph, which puts my rpm at about 1460 rpm. Not sure if that rpm is ideal for this setup. Mack says the ideal rpm is between 1550 and 1650 rpm, but that would have me cruising between 70 and 74 mph in high gear.
  5. Thanks Modblaster, I received my Temperature and Timing sensors as promised. Very positive transaction. i haven't had a chance to install them yet, but I am looking forward to the extra horsepower and possible increase in fuel mileage. I,ve got a pryo and egt already. Will let you know if there is a difference.
  6. Nice looking truck, matter of fact, except for the color it looks just like mine. I've got a '99 with the E-Tech 460. I've talked with a lot of owners of that same engine you have and most love them, same with the 427 mechanical. The great thing about the mechanical vs the e_Tech, is that you can fine tune your engine, where I can't. You won't need to waste money on getting the computer re-flashed, which for me has done nothing but lightened my wallet. Mileage wise, both engines do about the same. Grossed out going west, you can expect between 5.4 and 5.8 mpg. If you run at night west of I-35. In the day time, the easterly winds are a bit stronger, so you'll want to drive West at night and run east in the day time to take advantage of the winds. With a 1 to 2 ounces of acetone per 10 gallons of fuel, you should notice a mpg improvement of .5 mpg, at least I did, and my average went from 5.8 to 6.3 over the last 31k miles. Hopes this helps
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