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  1. I don't come around here often but I was hoping someone could give me a little advise. My truck 85 DM886SX with a E6-285R 2 valve and a TRXL107. The throwout bearing on the clutch wasn't greased for a while (I bought the truck and I had someone set the clutch once but failed to mention that the grease fitting on the inspection plate didn't connect to the bearing GRRRR). It has been 12 years since the transmission has been out (mack reman) so it will get a clutch and bearing when out. It will be out of commission for 2 weeks. I only use the truck for approx 1500-1600 miles per year. My question is can you modify or bolt right up an air shift single stick to this transmission. No one that works for us feels comfortable with this transmission arrangement (2 sticks vs 1 stick). (chickens) Its not hard to drive but I do alot of shifting from forward to reverse in a quick motion and its not as fast as a single stick. And it's hard to turn the steering with no hands. I was thinking since its out and I am waiting for it to be fixed I could update the truck.
  2. I had issues with my truck last fall with a leaking valve cover. I had both of them redone in November and did'nt run it that much until a month ago. It is leaking again with a vengence. About a gallon + in a eight hour day. What a mess. I am getting my radiator recored this week so I have some time to fix the leaking oil problem.
  3. Just wondering what wheel/tire options I have with my DM886SX (18 front dayton 6 spoke wheels with 12.00R24 tires). I thought it would be nice to have some floaters on the front. I have a couple different manuals that list a optional wheel/tire 14.00R24 but they say it has a 50mph max. How many different parts to change over to put on some 385-425R22.5 instead?
  4. Thought I would chime in here since this truck just happens to be mine. If you have a porta-power unit with a wedge that might work. Did you try letting a little air out of the tires. That might let a little tension off the bond between the rim & hub. Otherwise leaving the wedges loose and driving around should do the trick Call me tonight if you see this post. Lee
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