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  1. Thanks for the positive comments guys! We are excited about the video and hope you guys will help us get the word out about it. It would be awesome to see Mack get the attention it deserves from this. @Underdog - you are right. All the emissions regulations that the .gov places on the OEM today makes it impossible to keep the trucks as they were 20 years ago. I think 2017 will bring even more regulation. The energy should be placed on the gov agencies that drive these demands on the industry.
  2. Morning guys... just wanted to share a new video we released yesterday to kick off the Mack Born Ready series. We are getting some great stories on Facebook and Tumblr and would love to hear yours. Check it out and we'd love it if you would help us get the word out by liking or sharing! http://www.macktrucks.com/bornready Thanks to all!
  3. The new brand book can be downloaded also at http://www.macktrucks.com/assets/mack/MackBrandBook.pdf
  4. Hey guys... maybe this will give a deeper explanation of the new branding and how we are moving ahead. Lot's of great happenings and support within Mack.