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  1. We haven't been able to meet with the owner. We do know that it ran when it went there several years ago, in fact, it had very little rust at all then. We need the front fender lights, rear lights, some of the railings, some of the exterior pump parts, and possibly the coils if it is a 707. If there is anything else, it would be small items. Our Mack runs well but the coils are going bad. The rest we would ike to sell to someone who could either use it for parts or maybe wants to restore it.
  2. It is 3000 gal. of water and has a 1250 gpm pump with a Class "A" foam system. It is powered by a 427 Mack Acet and an Allison 4000 EV transmission. The body was built by SEMO out of Perrysville, MO. It is a fantastic truck to drive!
  3. The Hummels Wharf (PA) Fire Company is now down to two: 1951 "L" Model Sedan Cab 2007 Granite 3000 gal. Tanker
  4. Our plans for the blue truck is to take what we need off of it and then try to sell it. The last thing we would want to do is scrap it as there is always some good parts that someone needs. We can't however, hang on to it for too long or our township will begin questioning things and we do not want that at all.
  5. We hope to get it to some parades this summer. Actually, it spent almost two years in prison - Albion prison, that is. They had a program where they restored vehicles. I believe it may have been the last fire apparatus that was dismantled, sandblasted, painted, given new aluminum diamond plate, etc. before they closed the program. Could not beat the price. We need a few more things to complete it and want to go over the electric system. Other than that, it runs great! We're looking for a set of wooden ladders, stop. brake, and turn signals, and need to get some railing re-chromed and it
  6. I've been looking everywhere and talking to people all over the east coast. Imagine then finding it in our backyard! JGG
  7. Here are some pictures of the 50 that we found in the field.
  8. Thanks, Steve, you have been a big help. Our fire company owns a 51 L Midel sedan cab and we are nearly finished with the refurbishment. The 50 we found has a lot of the little parts we still need including some that people told me we would never find. It is not far from us and our local towing operator will get it for us. Here is a picture of our current project. My e-mail is HWFD70JGG@aol.com if you would want to send me your e-mail, I will send pictures to you. JGG
  9. Steve, I recently found a 1950 L model sedan cab in about the same condition. I'm not sure what to offer even though it has been sitting in a field for years. Could you or anyone else give me a ballpark figure? Thanks, JGG
  10. I'm sure this is easy for someone: In the 1970's, Mack put a V/8 powerplant in fire trucks. What was the horsepower rating and torque? Thank you.
  11. I've never done this before so I hope the picture comes through OK. Well, evidently that did not work. I'll work on it and get it posted.
  12. The Hummels Wharf FD is refurbishing their 1951 Sedan Cab pumper. We decided that we should keep a little bit of history by keeping it. Working with Cal Little, we were supplied with many of the small detailed items like leather trim material, door and window trim, and electric windshield wipers. The prisoners at Albion State Prison stripped and sand blasted it and then repainted it. We are currently finishing the project and will need some small parts along the way. We hope tht some of you can help us find what we need. Thank you, JGG John G. Grove, Deputy Chief
  13. There is a small red light on each fender that looks like a cab marker light. Does anyone know where I can find either a red lense for one, entire light, or a pair of them? The Hummels Wharf FD is restoring our 1951 L Model Mack. One of the lenses is missing. When I talked with Cal Little, he said a red lense would be hard to find but amber was easy. I never do anything easy. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, JGG
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