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  1. Firemack, Cal has brackets but no more ladders that he is willing to part with right now. Any other ideas for places to look for wood ladders? Thanks.
  2. I love my new (old) firetruck but need some help with a few things: 1) The radiator shell needs to be re-chromed and not sure where to find someone to do it or where I can buy a replica. 2) I need the ladder set and brackets. Anyone know where to find a set of old Mack ladders or their equivalent and where to get the brackets to hold them up. Thanks for the help, John
  3. I'm a insurance agent in Chicago who has fallen in love with a 1947 Mack fire engine and am looking for a similar Mack (40's or 50's) for use in local parades and events. I'm not looking for a project but an apparatus that is in decent to good shape or better. I promise to shower the fire engine with plenty of TLC. Thanks for any ideas or leads.
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