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  1. Well as you can see truck is offically sold. Thanks Mike hope you guys had a good trip back. Take care of it Earl and Dean hated seeing it leave the parking lot when you guys left but know it was going to a good home!
  2. No thanks. I have had offers way higher then that
  3. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!I dont know if anyone on here knows anyone who collects or restores old trucks but if you do pass this one along. Looking to move this pretty quick. My name is Chris and I am located in East Central Ohio and have been in charge to try to sell this truck. My boss has had this truck for 20+ years. He bought this from Fairfield TWNSHP up here by me. This truck has always been kept inside and out of bad weather. It was moved into one of his storage units where it has sat for 2.5 years. It was driven in and not started since. It does have a dead battery but does crank over. It also ha
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