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  1. Peter J , really like your H model , what did you use for a radiator grill ? sweet !
  2. Hi guys , I like stainless to , only thing you cant find one narrow enough , so I found one at a chrome shop and cut it down to fit
  3. Hi Vinny, ya I saw that one,She looks like she was road hard and put away wet,if you know what I mean,Keep forgetting you are only 12! Any way I mean she looks like a basket case,appreciate you looking for me Vinny ,keep up the good work!
  4. Hi guys thanks, I found Doug's # on 411, called him ,nice guy, he's going to get me some recent pictures, maybe the one I am looking for! Keep you posted, KEEP LOOKING!
  5. Yep! she due this spring & I'm hopeing for a Junior to take to shows
  6. Hay don,t know him but I like his truck! Tis exactly what I am looking for, those old girls don't last long up here in our damp climate ,pretty rare!
  7. Thanks,found one a year ago this time up around Albany, didn,t follow up on it ,Found an AC in Maine instead,now I got the H model back in my mind,& lost the guys contact information,truck was green with Wood Bros on side (NJ)
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