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  1. I just know it still runs really good ! How much oil PSI should this truck be holding ? The gauge shows 80 while cruising
  2. Thanks for the info guys ! I need to get some better pics of the interior and some under the hood. I knew the tanks were an oddity , i havent seen many at all like these on Macks in this year ranges... The guy that sold it to my buddy thought it used to be a tractor originally because he took the 5th wheel plate off of it before the dump bed was installed.......Who knows what it was originally... Its got 6XX,XXX miles on it now, When my friend bought it with 480,XXX the previous owner said it had 300,000 or so on it and HE never did anything motor wise to it but wasnt sure what /if anything had been done to it before he got it ..
  3. This is the VIN# 1M2N179Y7FA098186 The Vin decoder PDF on here showed its an 81 i think...The Title shows an 84 or 85 ....I dont know whats up with that .. It could be a few rigs rolled into one ? Maybe ? LOL I need to get the engine # to see what size the engine is.
  4. This is my buddies Mack. Its either an 84 or 85. It was an OTR rig before it was turned into a dump. It says Econodyne on the hood. I havent seen many fuel tanks like these on here, are they special or different ? Im not sure what engine or trans it has , but it runs really good ! Anyone tell me what type this is or any other info from the pics ?
  5. Hello, i have a vin question. I have read and looked at the vin decoder PDF, however, my vin didnt really match alot of the info on it. I was wondering if anyone could help tell me anything about this truck. It is titled as an 84 or 85, the vin shows it as an 81 Does anyone have any info on this truck by its vin # ?? THANKS !! 1M2N179Y7FA098186 i will post some pics up later, it may help with some info ...
  6. This PDF didnt really help me much. My VIN #s were not shown on that file ?? 1M2N179Y7FA098186 Any help or info about my VIN # ???
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