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  1. The engine and the quad box came from factory even in the cab have the metal stikers for the gears. This truck is non USA made may is this. thanks for the link.
  2. I need Info about 5x4 gears box, I just buy a 79-R609 and have the 5x4 gearbox and 673 turbo engine tamden 12-00-R-20. The top speed is very low only 43 Mph at 2000+ RPM. Any one knows the gears of this gearbox or were can I found more info Online look like I have a 4.10 or more. I will like to more info on the 673 engine too.
  3. ¿The Intercooler will work better air to air? or this aftercooler makes all the work need. The new turbo cars have some water Or alcohol injection to cool more in extreme use could this be used and were will be place if this can be used. Can work the bucs install a inter Or after cooler in a old turbo engine
  4. Any online writeup in this and can the aftercooler used water for other place and not from hot coolant
  5. ¿how a aftercooler works? On a mack engine they used water to cool or not. I will buy a mack truck and want to know more about this great trucks Thanks.
  6. Hi I´m new in this and want to know the maintance schedule for my Super Liner wit a 350 2V E6 and 14615 fuller gearbox is any online help on this. ¿ K&N made some reusable airfilters Or any one else?
  7. ¿How many HP and Torque Have the 673 turbo?
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