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Still Here

other dog


...still home,smoking cigarettes,couldn't find Captain Kangaroo on the TV. No load yet,just waiting...


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Is it unusually slow? Or is it pretty normal for this time of year?

The E-bay experience has been good - even though I still own the truck!

There have been several people from as far as 6 or 7 hours away who have

driven here to see and drive the old Willys, so that's encouraging.

On another note - it looks like I am going to update and renovate my R-600 and the lowboy trailer

that came with it. The plan is to license them in our building business and use the unit to move

small and light loads like ATM machines or Davenport milling machines for local companies.

I'm pretty excited about developing business for this single axle tractor. I think the demand could be fairly high

for a reasonably priced small load truck service.

I like my new Watts Mack hat and shirt!

Paul VS

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I don't know what's going on-usually we're so busy it's hard to get a day off,but it's been slow for 2 weeks now. I blamed it on the holiday last week,haven't decided what to blame this week on yet. Yes,I must agree they're some nice looking shirts!

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