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Catching Up



Just an update -

I listed my 1959 Willys for sale on E-Bay this week. 1st time for me trying E-Bay.

Nice experience. What a great way to advertise your stuff.

The truck did not sell, but I think it was my fault. I put the reserve too much above the starting bid.

In the end, though, I think the truck will sell to one of the two high bidders with a negotiated sale.

And if it doesn't sell - I will use it as ground transportation at the truck shows next summer.

Got my prize package from Barry today - free stuff is always good.

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Hi Paul,congratulations on your prize package! They are some nice looking T-shirts.Already had A black one so I told Barry I wanted A gray one,and it really looks good with the green trucks.I've never tried to sell anything on e-bay either,but I've been thinking about it for A while.I've got A lot of old NASCAR papers from the mid 80s to about '90.Used to subscribe to it,and saved them all-Grand National Scene and then it was Winston Cup Scene.They might be worth something,might not,but I've got them in two big styrofoam coolers in A spare room and they need to go somewhere!

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