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A Short Guide On Truckload Freight And Quotes

Truck Quote


The trucking segment can be divided into two major parts. The first one is known as Less Than Truckload (LTL) and the other one is known as a Full Truckload (FTL). Generally, the LTL relates to shipments that weigh less than 10,000 lbs. With LTL’s the shipper only pays for the space they take up.  Carriers combine numerous small sized shipments that come from numerous customers into a single trailer helping LTL’s break up the cost with each other making it affordable for small companies and individuals to have their freight hauled. This is helpful for both the shipper and the hauler. FTL’s can weight up to 45,000 lbs or measure up to 53 ft in length. FTL’s take up the entire truck by either fulfilling maximum weight or length. FTL’s are known to typically haul a little quicker due to only having one stop.  With Truck Quotes stress-free tool, the shipper can select trailer type, weight and size to get an instant quote based off specific needs.  
The weight of truckload freight varies between 1,000 lbs and 45,000 lbs and can vary in length depending on what the commodity is. The truckload freight ratesdiffer from one shipment to another based on weight and length dimensions and miles traveled. Every shipment is custom to each user’s needs. Dry Van’s and Flatbeds make up the majority of truck trailers. Flatbed freight rates and Dry Van freight rates are completely different from each other due to custom requirements as well as industry supply and demand. TQ’s platform makes it easy for shippers to quickly choose one of these two trailer types for the shipment, enter freight dimensions and get an instant quote.  TQ is the only company on the market that provides a service where you can receive no-strings attached, instant quotes by the foot and never have to pick up the phone one time. 
The United States has thousands of truck haulers that hit the pavement every day and it is not simple to find the right company to move your freight at a reasonable price. It is really a very daunting task. Historically, when trying to find a truck for your cargo it was typically handled through a brick and mortar freight broker with numerous time-consuming phone calls, over-priced rates and endless hassle. However, with Truck Quotes up to date web-based rate quoting platform, TQ makes it easy and cost effective to get a quote, book a truck and get your freight hauled, all at the click of a button and on your own time! 
Never pick up the phone again, moving your freight has never been so effortless.  For more information or for a free instant quote, visit our website at www.truckquote.com.

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