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Jeff's Jokes

other dog


After the funeral Tuesday I mentioned to Jeff that it was the longest funeral I'd ever been to.He said "yeah,if I go before you do,try to keep mine down to about 30 minutes,and one song-'roll on big mama'-something everybody'll like". He's very funny.Only made one round this week,it was very slow.I went to Donora,Pa. with 6 pallets of kyanite-half A load,usual load is 13 pallets,little over 46,000 lbs.Made up for it coming back though,loaded 3 coils at Beech Bottom,W.V. going to Emporia,Va. to unload Monday morning - they're A little over 50,000 lbs.Total weight of course,not 50,000 each-I'd have needed A push truck to get home.


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