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Windows for a EG EGX1D Mack



Ok,  hunted and begged for window patterns, especially for the doors, as I had no clue what the dimensions were with some of the major components missing in the doors. 

Flat glass, tempered etc. is relatively cheap...curved glass patterns...um...not so much. 

After hunting everywhere,  and getting turned down everywhere,  I found a ratrod glass company:  Saunders Glass in Washington, they were cheap at about 180.00 for both side windows, tempered class and 18 x30 about 200.00 to ship, arrived in perfect condition and great customer support.  They actually had the correct pattern.  

The front glass was NOT fun...the chrome pieces were rusted, and it was a nightmare to pull the two chrome pieces apart, but we did it with a lot of WD-40.  So our issue:  We could not find a replacement seal for the front window at the time we were installing the glass between the two chrome pieces.  So we used the old seal, a little urethane and it we put it back together....um...then we found a seal.  I do not recommend putting that seal in without taking the two chrome pieces back apart,  it can be done, but you will stab yourself with a pick.  Lesson learned,  find the correct seal before installation.  Flat glass was 150.00 

Rear window was easy, cost: 145.00  Lock bead/seal... make sure you have the proper tool as it will make the process go a lot easier...I did not have the proper tool, so I got creative and used a lockring pliers and dawn dishsoap...worked flawless, just be careful so the end of the lockring pliers doesn't puncture your seal as you are locking it in place...especially in the corners!  

Side windows... will continue this story this evening...they were the hardest part of this entire damn truck!  (From a woman's perspective anyway...you fellas may have easier tips and tricks, but I learned the hard way!) 

Ms. Tracy D. 

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