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Timing #1 Cylinder to fuel pump



How do I set the #1 piston in the proper position to remove the American Bosch fuel pump so I can have it rebuilt? This is on a 1961 Mack B61 with END 673 engine that has been idle for about 30 years. Engine starts with starter fluid, but I am not getting fuel out of the fuel pump. How do I determine TDC for #1 and where do I need to have the piston for the fuel pump to be reinstalled to start the fuel feed to #1?.


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Hope this is not too late but you have to pull rear valve cover.Turn engine and watch # 6 valve over lap.As you turn engine the exhaust valve will close and as it closes the intake will start to open and stop there.That is valve overlap on # 6 and it means 3 1 is up and ready to fire.Now then look on bottome of the flywheel housing for a opening with atiming pointer in it.The flywheel have degree marks there so you will need to back the engine backwards some then start coming forward in engine rotation till the timing pointer lines up with 28 degrees on the flywheel.Pull pump.

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I just saw your response. Thank you. I rotated the crankshaft until the inlet spring on #1 just started to compress and then un bolted the two bolts on the bottom and the three that connect to the front of the pump housing and gears from the engine. I was able to start separation from that front housing, but it acts like the pump shaft is still attached. Is there a pin that needs to be removed? Am I in trouble for the way I lined up the #1 piston and can I correct it without reattaching the pump?

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