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Power assist steering

Bobby B61 65


I have just finished fully restoring my 1962 bmodel Mack prime over. I am looking for enquiries or diagrams as I am now wanting to add power air assist steering to my old girl, if anyone could post photos of how this setup is installed or where I maybe able to locate the full setup to purchase ??? Cheers


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I have complete set up and complete chassis from b67 im just taking cab and front end off want to sell rest located near chicago,il from oldmackb67 at cheetahtrike3@yahoo.com

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I have this on mu b61 {SX?}. it is a 20k front with 55 reaqrs. I dont kow if yor is like this or not if interesteed let me know. WHere do u get the wshield rubbers & Window material?

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