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The differences between Daswell concrete mixer and others brands



Differences concrete mixers have different structure and performance. Concrete mixer can be classified from different angles. According to the working way concrete mixer can be divided into circle and continuous. According to the mixing principles concrete mixer can be divided into self falling and force type concrete mixer.

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1. Opening gates mechanism directed by hydraulic can adjust the opening angle of discharging door in accordance with the need, which effectively prevents over-spill while discharging the finished materials into truck-mounted concrete mixers.

2. Auto-lubrication system ensures the mixing system can operate continually for a long time.

3. Shaft seal is applied with patented air pressure seal mobile block machine, which can effectively prevent the leakage of mortars.

4. This concrete mixer uses high-chromium and high-molybdenum scale boards and stirring pieces, with a long service time.

Concrete mixer is a general term for all types and categories concrete mixer. Compulsory concrete mixer is a category belonging to concrete mixer. Their relationship is including and included.


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